I’m diversified …

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Yes, I am well and truly diversified …

… and, it sucks!

Here are my current holdings, roughly:

$5.0 million – House in Australia

$1.5 million – House in USA (soon to be a rental)

$2.5 million – Cash in Bank/s

$1.0 Stock in UK (actually, 70% has just been converted to cash)

$1.0 million – Equity in 5 condos

$1.0 million – Equity in two development sites (could be up to $3 million – $6 million once permits are issued)

$1.0 million – Value of business (I still have a finance company running on ‘auto-pilot’)

… aside from the fact that I’ve over-invested in my Aussie house [AJC: see this post for the problem and how I intend to fix it], you can see why I am not happy:

– Too much in cash,

– Too much overseas, in chunks too small to be meaningful

– Too many ‘small’ chunks of $1 million

Ideally, I would like to bring some of those small chunks together, merge them with my cash (like so many drops of mercury) and do something useful with them …

…. by ‘useful’, I mean plonk as much as the bank requires into my two development projects, then use the proceeds to buy as many investment properties in the $1 million to $3 million price range that I can find, as long as the net result is free cashflow of $500k+ p.a.

Nowhere here do you see me saying:

– 30% in cash,

– 30% in real-estate,

– 30% in stocks

– 10% in venture capital

Mine will look more like:

– 80% – 90% real-estate (albeit, over a number of properties, rather than just one big’un),

– 5% – 10% cash for contingencies (up to approx. 2 year’s living expenses or $500k to $1 million, whichever is the lesser)

– 5% – 10% for ‘fun projects’ (e.g. venture capital investments).

Why so much in RE?

[AJC: It doesn’t have to be RE; how I invest my money is not how you should invest yours … but, the principle of NON-diversification is what’s important, here. And, I should clarify that, too: for you, non-diversification could be 95% in TIPS; 80% in AN index fund; 90% in just 4 or 5 stocks … in other words: it means, avoiding spreading across asset classes]

I can’t find the online reference, but Warren Buffett was asked at the 2008 Berkshire Hathaway AGM (which I attended, so I am paraphrasing exactly what I heard, here) how much of his net worth he would place into one position (Berkshire Hathaway doesn’t count, because it’s really a conglomerate).

Warren said that his biggest problem right now is that his investment war chest is so large that he is forced to buy many investments, however, he did point out that he was very happy in days long gone, when his investment in AMEX comprised nearly 60% of his net worth.

Charlie Munger (Warren’s long-time business partner) said that he would be equally happy to have close to 100% of his net worth in just one outstanding investment.

BTW: Charlie is a real ‘character’; short on words … long on wisdom!

Having sat on both sides, I can tell you that – right now – I am NOT happy being so ‘diversified’ … it annoys me, and I feel hamstrung in that I can’t bring my full financial weight to bear on any project.

But, each to their own … it’s just that certain rich peoples’ “own” = non-diversification 🙂


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One of the best tips for small business owners …

One of the very best wealth-building secrets for business owners has nothing to do with improving your business … and, everything to do with turning that spare cashflow into appreciating assets:

Just like buying your first home is a 7million7years key wealth building strategy, so is owning your own property for small business owners, just as the guy in this video recommends … I can’t vouch for his financing strategies as I don’t know enough (but perhaps some of our readers do?) …

… but, simply buying my own office generated in excess of $1 million extra net worth for me in just 5 years.

I bought an office block for $1.27 million; I then completely rehabbed it (including new offices, workstations, phone system, and computer equipment) for another $500k, which I leased over 5 years (with a $1 balloon/final payment).

The mortgage interest and the lease payments were 100% tax deductible from my business income (actually, I charged myself a high commercial rent as the property was in a different company name).

I sold the building for nearly $2.5 million just 5 years later!

A manifest error?

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In an interesting experiment in the ‘dark arts’ of using visualization and other techniques a la The Secret, Steve Pavlina challenged his readers to attempt to ‘manifest’ $1,000,000 each:

This experiment is based on the intention-manifestation model of reality, where the goal is to generate $1 million of additional wealth for each person who chooses to participate.If you wish to participate, all you need to do is to decide to put forth the following intention:

In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all, I intend $1,000,000 to come into my life and into the lives of everyone who holds this intention.

The experiment claims $5.5 million that participants would not have received in ordinary earnings, and Steve Pavlina achieved over $100k in 18 months all on his own.

But – and, this is a big BUT – Steve did set the bar at $1 million dollar each, but NONE of the participants achieved that target.

More importantly, as the graph shows, our readers (most of whom, presumably, did not use creative visualization, chants, or the suchlike) actually achieved a much greater average result!

In fact, as I pointed out in my last post:

In that 18 month period, nearly 1,600 participants [in Steve Pavlina’s Million Dollar Experiment] reported ‘manifesting’ anywhere from $504,873.56 (in just one day; if you choose to believe him) down to just one cent.

The average was closer to $3,500 in less than a year, with the median being just $180.

Our response to this challenge ‘produced’ more than an average of $18.5k for each $7m7y participant (!) …

… I don’t know how the Universe really works – or whether there is any Power in Intention – but, can I at least claim the Power of Reading the $7 Million in 7 Years blog as the key to manifesting your own millions? 😉

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What the wealthy buy on pay day …

This guy is a network marketing guru; but, don’t let that put you off … this first video [to watch just click on this link] is a first-class explanation of what the rich do that the poor and middle-class do not.

BTW: the first half of the next video that will pop up after this one, is also very good … but, I stopped watching when it started to get into Network Marketing.

Don’t let that stop you if you have an interest in learning more about MLM; as Seinfeld would say: “not that there’s anything wrong with that!” 🙂

April Fish!

It’s that time of year again, when work (ex) friends, school buddies, corporate marketing departments, and bloggers everywhere bring out their best ‘April Fools Day’ pranks.

Oh, what fun!

But, the French call it “poisson d’Avril”, the Dutch call it “Aprilvis”, and the Italians call it “Pesce d’Aprile” all which refers to the very funny prank (!?) of sticking a little fish to somebody’s back and everybody calling out “April Fish!”

Oh, the French have such a good sense of humor 🙁

All of which brings me to the April Fool’s day joke that we play on ourselves … the ‘joke’ is on us when we read important information – or, come acrosss a good idea – and, fail to act on it.

The joke is on us when, by failing to act, we delay (perhaps, fataly so) our Number and are eventually forced to compromise our Life’s Purpose.

So, what ideas you have picked up from this blog – and, tried out for yourself (for better or worse) – in the 2+ years that I have been writing it?

What has worked for you (and, why)? What has not worked for you (and, why not)?

Share yourexperiences here, in the comments, and let’s have a good chuckle together 🙂