What if money did not matter?

In my new video interview with Jaime Tardy (EventualMillionaire.com) I talk a lot about finding your Life’s Purpose. Now, here is an even stronger argument for finding your Life’s Purpose before working out your financial plan …

Note how the philosopher, Alan Watts, suggests that if you do what you love, the money will follow!

Failing that, do what you need to, but only for a short period of time, so that you can put aside the money that you need in order to do what you want. That’s why I came up with my original ‘$5 million in 5 year’ target (that eventually became $7 million in 7 years, achieved) …

What would you do if money was no object?



Are wealthy people more unethical?

It’s nice to see science magazines writing about money 🙂

This time , it’s trying to find a link between wealth and (a lack of) ethics.

This is not a new notion, just check out Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” and it’s offshoot – and my favorite cartoon character – Scrooge McDuck and you need look no further.

But, I think that these scientists – and authors and cartoonists – miss the point:

You do not have to be unethical to make money …

… and, I think that it actually harms your chances as people often can spot unethical tendencies and will take that (correctly) as a sign that they cannot trust you.

However, if the study is correct, I think one explanation may simply be that wealthy people have been exposed to more opportunities to make the “should I be ethical or unethical in this situation?” decision.

More exposure simply means more unethical behavior evidenced.

For example, working on a production line may not produce wealth …

… but, it also may not produce many opportunities to take unethical action during the 8 hours a day that you are at work.

[AJC: although, you may have plenty of opportunity to indulge in unethical behavior after hours if that is your bent]

However, being in business or running around making real-estate investments may give you plenty of extra opportunities to (a) become wealthy and (b) exhibit unethical behavior both during and after hours, thereby giving you twice the exposure to both potential outcomes.

So, I think it is a case of increased exposure rather than cause and effect …

What do you think? Do you need to be unethical to make money? If so, is that a ‘cost’ you are willing to carry?

Strategy or Tactic?

What’s the difference between a strategy and a tactic?

The obligatory post-padding dictionary definitions here and here 😉

But, let me give you a personal finance example or two to explain why it’s critical that you know the difference!

If you spend some time on google, you will find whole blogs dedicated to “financial strategies” such as:

– managing your credit cards,

– eliminating debt,

– paying yourself first,

– building an emergency fund,

… and, so on.

Each blogger (or author – there’s been whole books written on each subject) will explain how his financial strategy will turn your life around.

But, these are not strategies at all … they are tactics, a means to an unknown end.

I’ll explain why …

For each of these tactics (or any other), I can give you a perfectly valid argument for why you should do the exact opposite of what the author recommends!

Here are couple of examples:

– The False War On Debt: http://7million7years.com/2010/11/10/the-war-on-debt/

– The Zero Dollar Emergency Fund: http://7million7years.com/2010/08/08/the-zero-dollar-emergency-fund-2/

… and, if you go back through my blog [AJC: an easy way is to just search for the word “myth”] you will find counterpoints to all of these – and other – ‘recommended’ financial tactics.

The reason is that I have a personal financial strategic goal: I knew exactly where I wanted to be ($5 million), when I wanted to get there (5 years) and why.

[AJC: for an audacious goal, you need a very strong ‘why’ to help drive you there … it’s a very tough road, and you’ll need all the emotional ‘boost juice’ that you can get! This is one of my earliest posts; you should read it: http://7million7years.com/2008/03/07/fire-up-your-true-passion-hot-passion-drives-massive-action-massive-action-drives-incredible-results/].

With such a goal, I needed certain financial strategies to get there [AJC: I actually ended up with $7million in 7 years]; my strategy was:

– Increase my income dramatically (for me that was achieved by quickly growing my business),

– Invest as much of that income as possible in real-estate and stocks (instead of spending my business profits on bigger houses and faster cars).

Therefore, the tactics that I needed included:

– Take on as much debt as possible,

– Buy insurance and have lines of credit available (instead of having cash lying around idle) in case of emergency,

– Paying myself first, second, third and fourth (i.e. saving much more than 10% of my business-generated income),

– Obeying the 20% Rule.

So, next time you are looking for financial advice, take the trouble to understand your strategic goal: how much do you want? when do you want it? and, why?

If your goal is simply to retire with $1 million in 40 years, then go ahead and buy that Kindle and load it up with personal finance best-sellers!

However, if your goal is “large and soon” then you, too, will need to ignore most of the so-called “good financial advice” that is floating around so freely. That’s why I started writing this blog 🙂



Did I fail the Ultimate Money Test?

Financial ‘personality tests’ are fun. I like doing them; you should try this one.

Unfortunately, the results don’t always speak for themselves:

[AJC: the star is my score; very average, as I am in (almost) all things in life. The $7m7y logo to the top-right is how my financial performance probably compares to 99%+ of the population]

Whilst this is a pretty good test – much better than many others that I have seen – it will only identify average performance and sub-/super-performance perhaps to one standard deviation (for those statisticians amongst you) …

… however, these tests can’t identify the factors that produce the outliers i.e. the ones (like me) who can make $7 million in 7 years.

If you want to produce (slightly) better than average financial performance over your lifetime, use this test – and others like it – to identify areas of weakness, typically:

– Not saving enough,

– Overspending,

– Credit Card Debt,

… and so on.

All valid reasons why you may be in financial trouble today, but certainly not highly relevant to your chances of retiring rich and retiring soon.

If you do want extraordinary financial performance, keep reading read this blog 😉

It’s impossible to pay for good advice …

This is not just a provocation … I think it’s true.

It may not be true in some technical professions: think of a doctor or an accountant … you pay for advice and you expect it to be good (after all, she’s got a PHD right?).

Even then, how do you know it’s good advice?

After all, in most cases, you’re hardly expert enough to judge 😉

Should you be worried?

Not  unduly. After all, those articles about the accountant who diddled his clients books is something that you only ever read about. It never happens to you. Right?

What about the guy in the picture to the left? Would you go to him for advice on a healthy lifestyle?

The picture is of a statue, but it bears an uncanny resemblance to a doctor-friend of mine, whose picture I can’t show for obvious reasons; he’s actually a top vascular physician and surgeon.

So, best case, quality of advice is difficult to determine.

But, it’s downright impossible to pay for good, personalized financial (or business) advice!

A simple example: if you want to grow a successful business, can you pay a consultant to tell you how?

Of course not! If they knew the ‘secret’ to building a truly successful business, they would be busy doing it for themselves.

The best you’ll get is some clown offering cheap advice 😉

Let’s try personal finance: people ask me how to select a good financial advisor:

The first thing that I ask them is how much money they want (and, by when)?

The answer is usually $7m7y (or, some other large Number / soon Date).

The next thing that I ask is how much of their own money their chosen advisor has made following the same recommendations that he is giving to them?!

I made $7million in 7 years, but it’s impossible for you to pay me for advice; I give it away … because I want to.

Still not sure?

OK, let’s say you want to invest in stocks.

Who do you want to pay for advice: (a) somebody who’s read about investing in stocks, or (b) somebody who’s made a lot of money investing in stocks?

If (b), why are they taking paltry fees from you?

Oh I see … they aren’t just taking fees from you, they have a managed fund. They’re not really taking money for advice, rather earning a fee for running the business of managing a huge bucket of money (including your tiny drop).

Even so, let me ask you another question:

Who do you want to pay to manage your money: (a) somebody who’s made a lot of money investing in stocks?, or (b) somebody who’s made the most money investing in stocks?

If (b), then who’s made the most money investing in stocks?

Obviously, it’s Warren Buffett (with George Soros a good second … but, if you said John Bogle you fail because he made money through his business of selling his low cost index funds to the masses, not from investing his own money in them).

So, if you want to invest in stocks, you can’t buy the right advice, because nobody’s selling … and, if you want to invest in some kind of fund you can’t pay for the best advice available …

… but, you can tap into that advice for ‘free’ just by buying Berkshire Hathaway stocks.

If I wasn’t going to manage my own money – listening to plenty of ‘advice’ but, ultimately taking my own counsel – that’s what I would do!

On disasters …

Unfortunately, life isn’t all about how much money you have.

When an earthquake hits, it matters not the size of your bank account.

Having nothing at all to do with personal finance, I thought I would tell you about a conversation that I had on Wednesday:

I met a couple who were travelling from – more like escaping from – Christchurch, New Zealand.

They had been living through the devastation there from last week’s earthquake, now horrifically overshadowed by the series of natural (and, man-contributed) disasters in Japan.

First, he told me that he lived the the horror of driving from work when the quake hit. His car was shaken badly, the suspension magnifying the effects of the quake, rather than my expectation that the shock-absorbers would diminish the effects.

He watched a 7-story building sway like a palm tree, then a rising cloud of ‘smoke’ which he soon realized was the total collapse of a much older building behind. He then was witness to a man being killed as a piece of concrete fell off a building and hit the car behind.

‘My man’ was lucky enough to escape unhurt.

But, he really brought home the magnitude of such a disaster, that extends far beyond the terrible news reports of deaths, with these two anecdotes:

1. He knew a young lady who was engaged to be married. She was caught in a building during the quake and escaped with her life but lost three limbs.

2. One family – lucky enough to escape any physical injury – is being torn apart by psychological injury as mother and son escape to Auckland, too scared to return to Christchurch which has suffered over 4,000 earthquakes in the past 6 months. Their husband/father remains in Christchurch where his business / livelihood has miraculously survived. Even the damage to their home is repairable, but their family life is not.

These two small stories bring home to me the devastating effects on lives and families far beyond those who have died in disasters such as that in Christchurch … or, in Japan, a disaster 10 to 100 times as far-reaching as that in New Zealand.

I have no advice, other than to live your life because, on a cosmic – or, even natural – scale, money just doesn’t seem that important, does it?

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