An ad free blog!

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Adrian J Cartwood Esq. [AJC: Euphamism for ‘Nobody Important’]

I use a tool called ad-blocker to do exactly what the name suggests: block ads from appearing in my browser. There’s no real reason for this, other than I wanted to see how it works …

… but, it’s (hopefully) well known  by now that I don’t accept advertising, promotions, or cross-links for any products or services on this blog.

I do, of course, mention books, products and services from time to time … but, only those that I genuinely use and like, and I NEVER accept payment or join affiliate programs.

The reason is simple and two-fold:

1. A multi-millionaire can hardly be credible if he writes to earn a few extra bucks per week from advertising revenue,

[AJC: Although, this reminds me of a joke that was a huge hit at Blogger Con 2007: A blogger gets on The Apprentice, and says to The Don “You know, Mr Trump, if I were you I would be richer than you”. To which Trump raised an eyebrow and responded “How so?”. The blogger, with a totally deadpan face, said: “Well, Sir … if I were you, I would still do a little blogging on the side!”. Oh, those blogger’s conventions are such a riot! 🙁 ]

2. Even if I donated that extra few bucks to charity (I give plenty, already) YOU wouldn’t know or believe me, even if I said that’s what I was doing.

So, no solid good reasons, just the way I feel … and, others are entitled to feel totally differently … which is why I present the little owl-logo, above, just in this post, and  probably won’t promote their site by placing it in my sidebar 😉

However, what I would like to see is a ‘community service’ advertising program, where a trusted third-party places ads on your site, collects the revenue (or, maybe the spots are free community service announcements), which goes directly to a panel of trusted and worthwhile charities and/or non-profit organizations.

Anybody up to the challenge? Give me an exec. summary of your business plan!