Casting Call: 70 Future Millionaires Wanted!

So far, this blog has covered – in a random way – perhaps 10% – 20% of what I have to offer, and over the next 2 years you can expect that to double again … so, if you can wait 4 or 5 years (and, can unscramble the order that I deliver this content in) you will know at least half of what I have to offer.

IF you can wait …

But, now I am offering another way to learn what you need to learn – quickly and in a totally ordered/guided way – AT NO COST TO YOU … NOT NOW … NEVER … EVER … really 🙂


It’s another way for me to share my ideas … and, more fuel for my next book [AJC: my first one is finished and is being hawked to publishers and agents as we speak] 😉

So, what’s this all about?

If you have been around – reading this blog – for the past two years, you will already know about my Other Site, which was host to a unique online experiment where a real multi-millionare (that would be me) offered to mentor just 7 people to make their own fortune.

Scott, Ryan, Josh, Debbie (who volunteered to leave the program to help me write a book about their experiences with this experiment), Jeff (who replaced Debbie), Diane, Mark and Lee (a retired Police Chaplan!) all participated and you can read about their experiences on that site.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, and meet a couple of very small criteria, ALL of this content is – and, will always remain – free to you!

But, I am offering you even more .. also for free / for ever …

You see, I am opening up this site to just 70 more Millionaires … in Training! and, will be offering memberships to qualified applicants for a small monthly fee … but, not for you – as a reader of this blog, I feel morally obligated (seriously!) to keep my promise that I would NEVER ask you to pay a dime for my online services.

This won’t stop me from advertising the hell out of this re-launched site elsewhere, looking for paying customers … but, NOT HERE.

[AJC: This is about as good an offer as you will ever receive in this life, so maybe you should take advantage of it]

Foundation Membership (this is exclusive for the first 70 QUALIFYING $7million7years readers) is just like the Premium Mmbership that others will need to pay for – but, you get it for LIFE and for FREE.

Joining will enable you to find:

EXACTLY how much money YOU need in order to be rich [hint: this will be different for everybody]

WHEN you need to stop working full-time and WHAT you will be doing with your new-found freedom

WHAT steps you need to take in order to amass the fortune that you need

HOW to find your passion and turn that into cash

Most importantly, you will find THE ONE THING – more than any other – that helped me move from $30k in debt to $7 million in the bank in just 7 years … and, how it is virtually guaranteed to work for you.

This is no scam or Get Rich Quick system that tells you how to invest in real-estate, stocks, online businesses, or any other method that made the author rich [or, was it just selling you the information that made the author rich?!] …

… no, this is a NEW and UNIQUE Guided Learning Experience that will show you how to get as rich as you need to be, doing whatever it is that you are most passionate about.

Haven’t found your passion?

Don’t worry, that’s one of the first things that we will cover 😉

If you want to become one of the 70 Millionaires … In Training! click here now, before 70 others jump in ahead of you!

Still reading?

There’s nothing more to know!

Just click the button … I’m offering you – just 70 of you – the Keys To Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, perhaps you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth? 🙂

Good Luck!


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0 thoughts on “Casting Call: 70 Future Millionaires Wanted!

  1. Quote: [Warning: I will NOT be giving you any specific financial or business advice, … I will not be telling you what to invest in, or when …]

    I’m not quite clear on what exactly it is you will be offering? Encouragement?

  2. @ Sam – Thanks! Not sure about Richard Dennis, though – for a start, I’m not charging and this isn’t a training program … mentoring, maybe … power-of-crowds maybe … we’ll see how it develops.

    @ blogrdoc – Once you decide, apply and see if you make the ‘cut’. GL!

    @ Clint – Good question! See my comment to Sam … I am here to prove a point (for the benefit of all participants, be they one of the 7MITs, active commentors who will be free to both ask and answer questions, and regular followers): there is a Road Map to Wealth …

    … YOU decide the destination (the when/how much), and the type of roads that you want to travel (stocks, business, job, blogging – the ways are many and varied), and I will act as your GPS-Navigator. The site will be recording the various ‘trips’ so that others can follow along (a kind of Personal Finance ‘Lonely Planet’).

    But, YOU have to drive and stay the course … assuming that you don’t see a nice little cul-de-sac half way and decide to hop off to take a snooze 😉 Hope that clarifies a little …

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  4. When I first read about your new site, the first thing that popped into my mind was the “turtle traders” – a group of people from a variety of backgrounds who applied to learn commodities trading from Richard Dennis, a trader who made hundreds of millions of dollars and agreed to coach the people who were chosen from the pool of applicants.

    From Wikipedia (
    “Dennis believed that successful trading was an activity that could be learned, rather than an innate ability. To settle this dispute with William Eckhardt, a friend and fellow trader, in 1983 Dennis recruited and trained 13 people who became known as the “turtles.” Many turtles have gone on to successful careers as commodity trading advisors.”

    [Deleted Link]

    Maybe it will be like those events, and maybe it will be completely different. Either way, I’m excited to follow along!

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  6. @ Sam – you’re the second person to mention Richard Dennis, so I looked him up (!): “Dennis believed that successful trading was an activity that could be learned, rather than an innate ability. To settle this dispute with William Eckhardt, a friend and fellow trader, in 1983 Dennis recruited and trained 13 people who became known as the “turtles.” Many turtles have gone on to successful careers as commodity trading advisors.”

    I guess if you substitute “becoming wealthy” for “successful trading” and “7” for “13”, “MITs” for “turtles”, and “self-made millionaires” for “commodity trading advisors” then we may have some loose comparison 🙂 although, I have no idea of Richard Dennis’ quality, ethics, motivation, or results, so I can’t compare … also, I have no political aspirations 😉

  7. @ Joshua – I am giving my regular readers the ‘first shot’ that they deserve; then I’ll put out a Press Release in a couple of weeks, and will make the final round selections shortly thereafter. The intial application is fairly simple so, if you are interested, you should apply early. I’m hoping that it will be a great experience, all around …

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  13. Disclaimer: blah blah blah don’t sue me blah blah blah

    is this like an American thing you have to do to not be sued.

    legal lad over at quick and dirty (home of grammar girl) has the same thing on his pod cast, and MMND did the same thing before giving out advice.

    Seems like alot of overkill to me.

  14. @ Rob – LOL. Unfortunately, it’s the way things HAVE to be done over here 🙂 I am NOT a licenced professional, so I can’t give financial advice … let somebody else take your money!

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  16. AJC,

    Just sent in my application. It was a great chance for me to confirm on paper what I am looking for with your opportunity.

    100% ready to go.



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  18. Hi there, I’d definetely be interested in being one of your 7 million in 7 years participants.

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