April Fish!

It’s that time of year again, when work (ex) friends, school buddies, corporate marketing departments, and bloggers everywhere bring out their best ‘April Fools Day’ pranks.

Oh, what fun!

But, the French call it “poisson d’Avril”, the Dutch call it “Aprilvis”, and the Italians call it “Pesce d’Aprile” all which refers to the very funny prank (!?) of sticking a little fish to somebody’s back and everybody calling out “April Fish!”

Oh, the French have such a good sense of humor 🙁

All of which brings me to the April Fool’s day joke that we play on ourselves … the ‘joke’ is on us when we read important information – or, come acrosss a good idea – and, fail to act on it.

The joke is on us when, by failing to act, we delay (perhaps, fataly so) our Number and are eventually forced to compromise our Life’s Purpose.

So, what ideas you have picked up from this blog – and, tried out for yourself (for better or worse) – in the 2+ years that I have been writing it?

What has worked for you (and, why)? What has not worked for you (and, why not)?

Share yourexperiences here, in the comments, and let’s have a good chuckle together 🙂

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2 thoughts on “April Fish!

  1. Hi Adrian,

    Well, I just completed my monthly assessment of my net worth and realised it’s been exactly one year since I found your site.

    I’m 29 and on an average UK salary. (Although the company I work for has some additional benefits such as a bonus and a share options scheme.) As such, your ideas have inspired me to do the following things:

    1) Save 25% of my after-tax money.
    2) Spend <25% of my after-tax money on rent (I moved to a cheaper and larger house).
    3) Try out buying shares / index trackers (I've won some, I've lost some!)
    4) Track my net worth on a monthly basis and make adjustments as necessary.
    5) Become more financially aware.

    I have yet to do the following:

    1) Earn more money by starting a business of some sort.
    2) Buy a house and keep <20% of my net worth in it as equity, although I did put in an offer on a repossessed house next door…

    From what I can remember, it was your April Fool's joke last year about spending all your money on fast cars and fast women that was the first post I found! It was pretty good and I was scratching my head for some time trying to work out if it was true or not!

  2. @ jimbomahoney – LOL. Maybe that one was the real post and the other ones the “April Fool’s Day” joke?! 😛

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