I’m about to find out if you can make money online … Part 2

The story so far: in my last post I mentioned that I was trying to see if it’s possible to make money with these internet based ‘business opportunities’ (just try googling ‘online business opportunity’ to see how many are out there).

I randomly came across Ty (yeah, the half-naked guy in my last post); he only wants $3k from me to join an MLM travel marketing thing.

Now, here’s the problem: he wants me to sign up NOW and ONLY on the basis of making money … he never mentions how good/bad the product is!

So, this is how I look at any business opportunity that comes my way (and, I have seen plenty of good ones and bad ones):

FIRST: do I like the product?

My view, and one shared by anybody with an ounce of integrity, is that you simply can’t sell something that (a) you don’t use yourself and (b) wouldn’t recommend to a friend.

Fortunately, this particular product is something I COULD use … I travel a lot, and easily spend $2k – $4k a week on just the accommodation portion, so this product has the CHANCE to say me a lot.

Secondly, I looked around on the net for good or bad feedback on the company … I couldn’t find anything either way, which is probably a good thing. I even checked Ripoff Report and the Better Business Bureau … nothing! Is this a good or bad thing? I don’t know … 

So, I also checked the travel sites like Trip Advisor and Epinion and that’s where I started to see the ‘aha’ issues with this ‘opportunity’ …

… this company, and many others like it seem to source their rentals from the big resort and timeshare exchanges.

Whilst many of these are free, this company charges $3k for a ‘platinum membership’ which gives you access to their database AND the rights to sell memberships to other people.

So that brings me to the SECOND part of the decision making process: how can I sell something to somebody else for $3k that they can at least similar for free (or close to) elsewhere?

I can’t … and I won’t; oh well, sorry Ty … can’t help you.

… and, I’m no closer to finding out if it’s possible to make money online!