I'm about to find out if you can make money online … can you?

I’ve made my money in real world businesses, real world property, and real world ‘paper assets’ (actually, I think I’ve lost more than I made in speculating the stock market!).

But, I have a theory that the internet is the new ‘wild west gold rush’, where people can lay a stack to some turf and mine for internet gold without outlaying much cash.

It’s only a theory right now, so I am launching two internet businesses (one is being developed right now, and the other is still in the business plan stage) … on paper, they both look good! I’ll let you know in a few months how they turn out …

But, those businesses require development skills, business planning skills, etc.

 What about the ‘average Joe’ who just wants to make some money part time? What about all of those ‘get rich online’ ads that you can find just by googling keywords like ‘money making opportunity’?

Are they GENUINE or are they SCAMS?

Well, I’m about to find out …

Yesterday I randomly searched the net and came up with this ‘opportunity’ (yes, it really is a half-naked guy named ‘Ty’):


The first thing I was asked to do was pay $50 ‘application fee’ to prove that I am ‘genuinely interested’ and a ‘go getter’ … smells a bit fishy, huh? … so, what did I do?

I paid it!

After a barrage of e-mails and a conference call invitation that I missed, I got a link to the page in the image above. I’m listening to the audio right now … I think they want me to pay $3k to join a multi-level marketing system to sell memberships to some exclusive travel club.

I’m told to “… Embrace the fact that you are surrounded by a team of leaders that care about you and are going to show you exactly how to bring it all together. Your life will turn around and you will succeed!!

What will I do? I don’t know yet … but, I’ll let you know … right now some guy on the audio is telling me “it’s the best thing that I’ve ever done in my life” … do you think the half-naked guy really has something?

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4 thoughts on “I'm about to find out if you can make money online … can you?

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  2. Hello,

    I like your blog. I too had a similar “quest” (albeit much smaller)and decided that when I was 29 that I would retire at 40. Well 3 businesses later (2 Sold) still active in 1, and I am 46. Did I reach my goal?…..Well sort of. The goal was 1.5mm. I did hit that at 39 and I did retire at 40, but…..I hated it. I spent way too much cash and my mind turned to mush. So I got back into a biz about 2 years ago. Bought in. Believe it or not, we have 2 potential buyers (Fairly recession proof) Anyway, I have also started down the “can I make money online” road and since Oct. I have read almost everything I can get my hands on about Internet Marketing, formulated a few business plans, and am getting ready to pull the trigger on a few ideas. I would be happy to point you in the right direction if you want as I have looked at just about every opportunity out there and yes there are tons and tons of “get rich quick” schemes similar to the one you wrote about. E-mail me if you want. I am going to read through your blog and try and get re-energized for my “second half”. Take care! Mike

  3. @ Mike – Good Luck!

    Question: if your current business is ‘recession proof’, why sell until after the recession is over? How are you going to replace the income)?

  4. i Make money online using the very popular Google Adsense program. i also tried Amazon affiliate program but i dont earn that much from amazon.

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