Want to see more personal finance blogs?

Here, we cover basic as well as advanced topics designed to help you make serious amounts of money over time … no scams or ‘get rich schemes’ … you have to WORK for it, Bud!

But, do you also want to see what other Personal Finance bloggers are writing about? You should …

I got an e-mail from Guy Kawasaki today telling me that he has listed this blog on his new site: Alltop.com … a nifty ‘dashboard’ that aggregates stories from all the top personal finance sites on the web and displays them on a single page!

It’s not just all about personal finance, though … Alltop has a series of pages on all topics from celebrity gossip to autos to news to ‘geekery’ (gadgets, computers, technology), and many, many more.

Check out Alltop Personal Finance, or head over to Alltop’s main page and pick your area of interest.

Let me know what you think?