Anatomy Of A Startup – Part VI

If you’re a Dave Ramsey Fan, welcome!

But, you probably won’t stick around … no Baby Steps here, just Giant Leaps in (mainly) personal finance and (sometimes) business from a genuine mult-millionaire (that would be me!) who went from $30,000 in debt to $7 million in the bank, in just 7 years … no BS 🙂

We don’t pay off our mortgages early, here. We don’t debt snowball. And, we don’t save until we bleed (but, we do practice delayed gratification).

We DO find our Life’s Purpose, use that find our Number, and do any one of a hundred things to get there, If you do choose to stick around (unlikely, I know) … enjoy! And, feel free to drop me a line to tell me what you think [ajc AT 7million7years DOT com] …


We’ve done a little bit of FaceBook advertising while we are waiting for the ‘better’ landing page to appear, with mixed results.

What is clear, is that advertising is a great way to test your New Product Idea, but a very expensive way to acquire customers; which is OK, as right now, we are testing various strategies.

One of the things that we learned is that keywording on your more established competitors names is A GOOD THING … for us 😉

One of the other things that we have learned is that the key technical feature of our site may be a lower takeup than we expected, which is why the ‘pivot’ was invented:

Basically, a pivot is a fancy New Age Term for “doing less of what doesn’t seem to work, and doing more of what does”. Also known as: common-sense.

So, right now, we have a nice, new design idea that could be disruptive in its own right.

We will launch with this …

But, that means that I have to change the Executive Summary:

Click to download the  Executive Overview <<<<==== CLICK HERE

The Executive Overview is the two or three page document that outlines what your business is all about:

– What problem you are solving,

– How you are solving it,

– What your ‘secret sauce’ is,

– Who your competitors are,

– Your business plan (how you intend to make money),

– Your marketing plan (how you intend to acquire customers)

– Your implementation plan.

This document – with various sections added or removed can be given to partners, key staff, investors, and bankers.

Oh, and don’t forget that it begins with your USP.

PS Obviously, the documents that I am sharing are NOT for my current venture. Sorry. 😉

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