How much is in your emergency fund?

How many months do you have in your emergency fund?

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I think this is a good time to take another look at your emergency fund; I’ll explain next week …

In the meantime, answer the survey to let us know how much you have saved specifically as an emergency fund, and leave a comment (if you like) to tell us why!

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6 thoughts on “How much is in your emergency fund?

  1. I marked less than 3 months, but it’s not because it couldn’t be larger. Our income is split between 3 main sources right now (day job, rental income, farmer’s market income) and if we lost 2 of them our expenses would still be covered.

    We also have prepaid some of our major expenses (mortgage & student loan) out 3 months ahead as a better place to park our extra cash instead of a savings account.

    We’re also putting money in our Roth IRA and if a real “emergency” came up (life or death), we could pull out the principal.

  2. My wife and I currently have under three months’ worth of expenses in our emergency fund, with the goal of having enough parked in the money market account to cover between nine and twelve months’ expenses. We’re making double payments on the last of our non-mortgage debt, which represents the remainder of a car loan along with the start-up cost of her business.


  3. Less then 3 months, used to be much more. Many emergencies have eaten that up. Lost 2 homes ,one to fire, one to hurricane. A few medical expenses wiped out most.

  4. traineeinvestor says:None! Given the returns on cash it is a waste of resources putting money into a low return investment.

    That depends . If there are no better alternatives at the moment, its better to have your money in low return investments than in cash under your pillow.However, if you can find a better return somewhere else, I’d have to say go for it.

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