I’ve committed a blogging faux pas …

It seems that I’ve committed a blogging faux pas … unintentional, but a faux pas nonetheless.

You see, Planting Dollars ‘tagged me’ way back in January and I was supposed to tell you 8 Random Things about Me!

The fact that I only stumbled across the back-link now – not to mention that I have no idea what ‘tagging’ really means, but I’m guessing it’s some sort of ‘chain letter’ in blogging post form – tells you a little about how much I really know about blogging (even though I’ve been doing it for a couple of years, now).

Anyhow, it seems that Planting Dollars and I have some commonality, so here goes:

Planting Dollars has been unlucky enough to break bones on 5 separate occasions. I’ve only done this once, but it was a beauty: broke my tibula (shin bone) and fibula in a compound (multiple breaks i.e. I broke both bones) and complex (because I got to see a sharp end of bone poking through my skin), and have 4 screws in my leg (still there, to this day) and a nice long (36 stitch) scar to remind me of the unpleasant teenage episode.

He can’t get enough of scuba and sharks! In fact Planting Dollars studied abroad in Australia for the sole purpose of having the ability to dive in the Great Barrier Reef and with sharks. On the other hand, I already live in Australia, can barely swim (although, I somehow managed to get some sort of swimming certificate for swimming the length of a pool fully clothed, including shoes … I think I was just progressively drowning, and randomly ended up at the other end), and much prefer card sharks to white pointers. 

Planting Dollars is a myers-brigg ENTP personality type.  Apparently that means he’s “most attracted to the idea of being a renaissance man or jack of all trades.  New experiences and ideas are what motivate me, I cannot stand routine.” As much as I hate ‘pop psychology’, I must also be an ENTP-type as this describes me to a tee … I detest routine, but love “new experiences and ideas”. 

His highest bench press thus far is 350lbs. Mine? About 35 lbs … haven’t you seen my videos?! But, I used to be pretty athletic: an excellent runner, and an avid lacrosse player (I had no idea that those uniforms denoted FULL CONTACT until it was too late!).

Planting Dollars plays the piano and drums and will eventually learn the cello. I love music but have almost zero talent; I try to sing (a lot), but even my kids don’t let me! But my musical tastes are eclectic, to say the least: I have everything from (the real) AC/DC to Pavarotti, Il Divo, Eminem, and The Fugs on my iPod. Oh yes, I also have Kelly Clarkson, and I’m proud of it 🙂

As a kid, Planting Dollars drove his mom crazy wanting to have a lizard as a pet. Now, I’m not sure what this says about me psychologically (but, I can assure you that I have no homicidal tendencies), as a child my sister and I used to hunt for little lizards (calls skinks) when on vacation in the Australian countryside. We would invariably come back with a few in a box (of course, some would always escape and run around the house, which my mom just loved …. not!). I won’t tell you how I fed them … 

Most of his role models are dropouts. I have no role models. I think everyone is equally flawed (no doubt, Ghandi picked his nose; Warren Buffett gossips; and, the Queen swears in private), so we should all be our own man / woman / or both. Still, it doesn’t hurt to learn from others, but I strictly look for ‘how to’ lessons: so, if I go to a Warren Buffett AGM I’m looking for a tidbit of information, not how to duplicate his style. 

Planting Dollars absolutely loves Blue Moon Ice Cream. I’m lactose – and, people (mainly family) – intolerant.

‘Nuff said 🙂

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8 thoughts on “I’ve committed a blogging faux pas …

  1. Wow Adrian. This is some revealing stuff.

    Well,since your revealing things like broken bones. I’ve had a few in my lifetime. But,the worst was about 4 years ago,when I was hit by a car(while riding a bike), and it broke my ankle(which they say will need screws and stuff to fix).That will wait till I have my life on track. I also messed up my neck (the doc said it was the worst he had seen in 15 years).He couldn’t believe I was still able to walk. Said by rights, I should have been paralyzed..He even told me he didn’t expect me to return to work,but I was back at work 3 months later.
    Bench press? I guess somewhere around 150.Played a little trumpet in school, and was learning the organ a few years back.Work got in the way of the organ lessons,but I’ll get back to that in time.Can’t sing,but like you, try from time to time.
    OK, so lets hear about some of you others out there.

  2. @ Steve – Maybe you’ve even found your passion: blogs/books on Great Walking Tours of the World – naturally, photographed by you 🙂

  3. For a while now, I’ve been reading up,trying to figure out how to get a start in this area. Since I enjoy taking photos, and do occasionally travel, I thought it might make sense to combine the 2.And these exercises are kinda pointing in that direction.

    There will be 1 big hangup in the KLEs we are doing. The one where you want us to start a blog.

    I’ve pointed this out before. I Know nothing about internet and blogs and web sites. I know you need to be s.e.o. optimized,but know nothing about how to create web sites,landing pages, or even how to archive articles. Or even how to access and use the admin. panel on a blog site.Don’t know how to make hyper links. Just an internet dummy.Grade school kids know more about the internet than I do.

  4. @ Ryan – really, it’s you we’re hearing about … twice 😛

    Thanks for ‘tagging’ me!

  5. I’ve broken a few bones in my time
    have only done scuba in a pool but have seen the reef
    took a personality test once that told me i’m fairly analytical (boring?)
    can bench my weight
    know enough chords to rock a drunken campfire
    never had a pet lizard
    and have never heard of blue moon ice cream (tiger tail anyone?)

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