Is there any Power in Intention?

We have been examining every possible way to make $7 Million in 7 Years [or, insert: Your Number by Your Date], so why not look at the ‘power’ of Intention a là The Secret?

That’s why we undertook our own highly scientific study that seems to show that manifesting millions actually produces a far worse result than our control group of readers:

– Steve Pavlina’s volunteer team ‘manifested’ an average of $3,500 each over 12 months, but

– The $7million7year control group produced an average of $18,500 each over 12 months.

Our control group did more than 5 times better than the manifesters!

Of course, it wasn’t really a “highly scientific study” (then again, neither was Steve Pavlina’s), so it’s no surprise that we have for and against views; for example, Kate is clearly in the ‘for’ camp:

I am a firm believer in intentions, and I like this one. Intentions guide the thought process and help me look for opportunities.

Whether there is, or isn’t, any Power in The Secret, I can’t help wondering, Kate, if it’s the intent or the doing (in this case: ” look[ing] for opportunities”) that produces the outcome for you?

So, in defining our Life’s Purpose, are we hoping that the outcome will manifest, or are we guiding our thought processes, or are we simply wasting our time?

In truth, I have no idea!

I remember an Indian guru who once said that if you think back over your life to all of the times that you planned for something, you will find many examples of each of the following:

– You planned and it worked out pretty much as planned

– You planned but it didn’t work out very much as planned

– You didn’t plan but things worked out just fine, anyway

– You didn’t plan but (not surprisingly) things didn’t turn out very well

You get my point …

…. so, why bother to PLAN our Life’s Purpose, our Number and Date, and our Growth Engine?

Again, I have no idea, but it worked out just fine for me, so it may work out just fine for you, too 🙂

And, if it’s the ‘intent’ (in planning our Life’s Purpose etc.) that produces the outcome, then all power to The Secret and its followers.

Although, I can’t help wondering:

Why wouldn’t I intend to make $7 Billion rather than a measly $7 million … and, why wait 7 years? 😉

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10 thoughts on “Is there any Power in Intention?

  1. As a starting point, any book with the word “secret” in it’s title is either a detective novel for pre-teens or has a high probability of being less useful than fertilizer.

    Intentions on their own don’t achieve much (if anything). It’s the planning and execution that deliver results (+/- a few other factors).

  2. there’s a dreamlining exercise in the four hour work week that i like. it wasn’t so much the law of attraction that worked for me as much as writing down intentions. and that’s not to say i’ve met my number, it’s to say that some modest goals were realized simply by focusing on them instead of other crap. i think the idea of your number by your date is as much about figuring out what you want to do as it is about getting there.

  3. ” i think the idea of your number by your date is as much about figuring out what you want to do as it is about getting there.”

    @ ill liquidity – I agree, in fact your Required Compound Growth Rate is far more important in terms of figuring out how to ‘get there’ … of course, you need your Number / Date to get to that ‘number’ 🙂

  4. I don’t believe that merely believing is enough to miraculously change the universe, but your beliefs will dictate your actions and your actions can change reality. If you believe being rich is wrong- you will find ways to sabotage your financial life and keep yourself poor. If you believe you must have wealth to accomplish a noble goal- you are likely to take the risks, make sacrifices, and put in the hard work that could create that wealth.

    Success isn’t guaranteed though- lots business ventures fail to do circumstances no matter the intentions and effort put into them.

    -Rick Francis

  5. I think Rick explained it perfectly. It’s not just that “thoughts” or “intentions” make changes in the universe to give you what you want. The science of the human mind and human behavior has already shown this for decades that the way the human mind works is that whatever you focus on, write down, daydream about all are more likely to guide your specific intentions(EVEN SUBCONSCIOUSLY).

    These specific intentions program your “mental bubble” of what you perceive is possible for you(if you don’t see that it’s possible for you, you’ll take different courses of action that confirm your thoughts and sabotage your otherwise success).

    But using mental focus, intentions, goals setting, writing down your goals, making ‘affirmations’, you are in a sense programing your mind to believe that you can have _____, or that you are worthy of _____, and that it is possible to have _____.

    Due to the way the human mind works, this programming indeed directs your ‘actions’ toward those goals and ultimately helps lead you in that direction.

    It’s the SAME exact thing going on in 50 different books that describe how to be successful and it’s the same exact thing going on with Adrian’s 7million7years principles:

    -Figuring out your life’s purpose(the most important thing and gives you the drive to take the action that you’ll need to take to get through the tough challenges, as well as the reasoning behind it)

    -Calculating the specific numbers that you’ll require to live that life’s purpose(which gives you some mental clarity on your ‘road map’ to get there. Some solid, logical, concrete numbers. Plus it convinces your brain that it is possible)

    -And the specific action steps taken to now get there in the desired time, which is a little bit easier than before because you have some clarity and direction. You have a road map to follow: “First do this, then do this, then go here……” it all leads you to getting what you want….

    Then one day (hopefully sooner!), you get there and it all seems ‘magical’ to some people, as if it all started from thoughts, dreams and intentions. And you know what? It did, just like all great accomplishments, inventions and creations! 😉

  6. This is a good thing to ponder. I am,however, in the doing area more so than the intent fan club. Intent to me indicates a non action. Not much can be accomplished with non activity. But, planning is actually an action ,which can lead to other actions ,which can lead to rewards.

  7. “Intention” is nothing. The Secret and Law of Attraction is embarrassing to even think about adults believing that.

    Even planning, contra commenter Steve, is nothing–IF the plan is not acted upon thoroughly.

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  9. Adrian, for me an intention translates into looking for opportunities and then taking them.

    One leads to another–they are linked.

    I rather enjoy the power of intention because it unleashes my subconscious.

  10. Kate says:Adrian, for me an intention translates into looking for opportunities and then taking them.

    One leads to another–they are linked.

    Kate, this may be true for you,but not for everyone.
    For many,intention is admirable, but does not lead to action ,which would then lead to a better future.

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