Straight from the horses mouth …

I thought that we had successfully debunked the power of intention, when we showed that our readers – some of who may have tried to manifest money over the past year, but most of whom would have not – greatly outperformed a group of people who most assuredly did try and manifest significant amounts of money.

But, Napoleon Hill is the ‘godfather’ of intention, so go who am I to argue? 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Straight from the horses mouth …

  1. No question you must have a Positive Mental Attitude as Napoleon Hill states. But, where the power of intention stops and where you and Mr. Hill continues is that PMA is only the start. You must take ACTION! Simply wanting it to happen will not work.

  2. Well, he leave a lot out of the picture here. You can help yourself to obtain the things in life you want, but it does not end with desire. You must have a Plan(I.E. road map ) to get you there. Next, you must take whatever action is needed to make that trip. Because you can sit in your car, but until you begin driving , you’ll never make the trip to Canada.

  3. I agree with Steve.

    But the converse is really true. Thinking you can’t do it, and won’t succeed will really remove your chances completely.

    I know tons of people who’s fear of failure/rejection may stop them even from submitting a job resume. Me? I can manage those, but the bigger stuff does stop me unless I really push. I have to be good about breaking down things into pieces that I can manage.

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