Finding your Life's Purpose!


This blog is called “How To Make $7 Million in 7 Years”.


Not “Why”.

Not “I made $ 7 Million in 7 years so nyaaahhh!”.

But, how you can make $7 Million in 7 Years.

It’s written from the point of view of a pretty ordinary guy who went from worse than you ($30k in debt) to financially better than you (most likely) … and, who happens to believe that there is a ‘system’ to making money that you can follow.

Not some secret “buy my $10,000 course on how I went from broke to millions [insert method of choice: flipping real-estate; gambling on stocks and options; buying tax liens/gold/silver; or even futures trading]” but, a ‘system’ – or roadmap, if you prefer – nonetheless.

And, I want to share that system here and at my sister site 7 Millionaires … In Training! where you will even get to participate (or just follow along) as 7 ordinary folk actually do make their own millions over the next 7 years.

No catches … no schemes … just good ol’ fashioned financial advice.

Hell, I won’t even take advertising, let alone ask anybody to pay me a penny, through either of these sites!

So here is the how, but I warn you …

… you’re not going to like it.

Because it begins now … with finding Your Life’s Purpose.

You may wonder what all this New Age crap is all about, and what it has to do with making serious money?!

“Finding your Life’s Purpose” sounds like something that you would more likely find in The Secret more than in a ‘serious personal finance blog’ 🙂 such as this one?!

And, it’s true … while I don’t hold much store in the idea of “Visualize your way to Abundance” mantra …

[AJC: after all, why restrict yourself to a few measly million bucks, if you can just as easily visualize your way to $5 Billion AND feeding the world, putting an end to all wars and sickness, and reversing global warming … all before lunchtime?]

… I do like the idea of starting a journey with a clear idea of your destination.

Building personal wealth is like sailing a huge cruise liner … those things just don’t steer all that damn well!

So, you had better have a good idea of where the final destination is well ahead of time, so that you can:

a) Choose your ship – Long journey? Short hop?

b) Identify your likely route – In harbor? Open ocean?

c) Prepare for the worst – Mild chop? Ocean swells?

In personal finance terms these translate to:

a) Your Number: $1 Million? $10 Million? and Date: 20 years? 5 years?

b) Job + 401k? Business + Investments?

c) Interest rates? Market cycles?

It’s only if you know how your Number/Date combo. lies on the Small/Late to Large/Soon continuum that you can begin to select optimally from a), b), and c).

So, I found that setting my destination – my Life’s Purpose – was the catalyst that drove me from also-ran small-business owner to real-estate magnate and multinational entrepreneur.

Once I knew that my Number / Date was rammed so damn far along the Bloody Large / Impossibly Soon side of the scale, that I was literally forced totally out of my comfort zone into (eventually and not without significant risk and trauma) a totally new one!

Understanding my Life’s Purpose ‘scared’ me into massive action – and, as we know massive action breeds incredible results – which is exactly what my doctor ordered 😉

So, if you are now totally driven to find Your Life’s Purpose, here’s how to do it; a simple 6 step program first taught to me by Michael Gerber of E-Myth fame:

1. Whet (wet?) your mental whistle with a few well-chosen questions.

2. List the things that you don’t want in your life.

3. List the things that you do want in your life.

4. Break the (always self-imposed!) barriers in your life.

5. Write your rear deck speech (really!)

6. Wacko Jacko … Presto … 48 hours later: Your Life’s Purpose.

Easy … perhaps, but not quite as as easy as it sounds. Profoundly financially life-changing … absolutely!

Even for a cynic like me ….

… maybe it will do the same for you?

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