Blogs, blogs, and more [bleep'ing] blogs!


It seems like I am embroiled in a torrent of writing; even my 11 year old daughter asks why I am working at my computer all day on something that makes me absolutely no money … she suggests that I go out and get a ‘real job’.

I guess neither my daughter nor I actually understand the concept of ‘retirement’ 🙂

Which leads me to Dustbusterz’s e-mail opinion, which may be shared by others, hence my posting it here:

You post on too many places, and it becomes confusing and difficult to keep up with the concept. It seems you go to one site, get a little info, then go to another site, get a little info , then get a bit of info in email. And trying to tie it all together just wracks the mind. I believe it would be much simpler for everybody if you chose one concept(such as video posting every day) instead of this post here post there kind of treatment.

Thanks for sharing, Dustbusterz!

If it helps, here’s how it works:

Blog 1: – This is my main blog where I share ideas and strategies on Personal Finance. The rough framework is sketched out via the tabs across the top (eg Road Map to Riches; Making Money 101; etc.).

Blog 2: – Because blogs (yes, even mine!) can be ‘theoretical’, I thought that I would start a 7 year ‘experiment’ by helping 7 volunteers (and as many of our readers as want to participate) to make their Number (hopefully, in the millions). This is a sequential process, albeit tailored to the needs of each of the 7 … making money takes time, so the ‘lessons’ will inevitably be spaced out over a long period of time.

Blog 3: – This is not really a blog at all, but my live Internet chat show … my son’s idea; not sure why I am doing it, but I enjoy the ‘real time’ aspect. And, my Youtube videos (posted at yet another site: get multiple viewings. I guess some people like to hear an Aussie with a funny voice/accent speak!?

Whereas Blog 1 is random/theoretical, Blog 2 is paced/practical and centered around the needs of each of the 7 MITs.

Blog 4: (which has taken a pause, while I set about launching Blog … actually, Site … 5) – This is purely for fun and to see whether it’s possible to make money online … with this blog it’s ME who is the subject of the ‘experiment’!

Blog 5: There isn’t one (officially) yet … but, I will be making an announcement very shortly! In the meantime, you can get a ‘sneak peek’ here.

Read one or all blogs/sites, together or independently … it doesn’t really matter as long as we can all get something out of it.

Thanks for your suggestions, Dustbusterz, I’ll see what I can do (like this post for example) to make it all easier to navigate!

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5 thoughts on “Blogs, blogs, and more [bleep'ing] blogs!

  1. Just looks to me like a guy with a high purpose with all the blog work and hence, exactly the reason why he is worth multimillions, lol.

  2. It makes sense to me, although it might not hurt to cross-post occasional updates. Personally I just read this blog – it’s an interesting view but I’m not looking to you to solve all my problems in one nice little package 🙂

  3. I’ll have to admit, I am getting confused, too. I think there is a 5th or 6th blog already…and no quick way to jump to the last postings or comments on the main one (thankfully, there is a quicker way now on the side for 7MIT). I think it would be easier if I signed up for each in an RSS feed, but I think those who are following 7MIT might not recognize that I am one of the 7MITs and I am not signed in thru the blog site for this comment. So, I have another layer to progress through in order to be consistently recognized. But, then, I like to simplify things – one click access )

  4. Your son has the right idea. I Believe(could be wrong here, heck been wrong maybe once in my life haha) but I believe many like to see the verbal part , makes it more like being in a class room or attending a conference or something like that. I wouldn’t abandon the video ,its an up and coming part of the internet.

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