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Some minor changes to the 7million7years format:

Previously, I had been trying to post to a Monday/Wed/Thur schedule PLUS a video on Sunday. Unless I really find a video that knocks my socks off, I’m going to drop my Sunday video (for now) and shift my posting schedule to Mon/Wed/Fri each week.

I should also point out some key differences between this free blog and my paid membership site ( my blog (i.e. the site you are on right now) is much more ‘chatty’ and random than my membership site; my blog simply reflects my thoughts, feelings, and experiences gleaned from my own journey from $30k in debt to $7 million the bank in 7 years.

My journey – hence, what I share on this blog – is absolutely authentic and I believe that there is real gold to be gleaned simply by reading this blog 3 times a week.

IMHO, it’s the best 6 minutes that you’ll spend each week, besides your love life 😉

I liken reading this blog regularly to wading in a shallow stream and panning for gold: stand there long enough and you get what you need and, hopefully, enjoy yourself in the process. But, don’t expect instant results …

On the other hand, my NEW membership site (The $7 Million 7 Year Wealth System) is a complete course on wealth; if you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll immediately recognize the main modules (Finding Your Number, Making Money 101, Making Money 201, and Making Money 301) but it’s covered to a depth that this blog simply doesn’t – and, can’t – go.

And, I’m building it to be a true step-by-step course to fulfiling YOUR financial destiny.

BUT, I don’t advertise on this blog, so the only way you’ll hear more about the course, is by subscribing to my free MONTHLY newsletter – using the form in the right-hand side-bar [see right ====>].

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