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  1. i like the phil town book, but not everything.

    the spreadsheet is similar to what i put together. i was going to get a site and sell a spreadsheet for doing the calculations but never heard after I’d emailed and asked permission. 10$ bux a copy or something — mine has built in macros that make some of it easier — filter companies with google first (using some criteria there for growth, or whatever floats your boat), transfer the symbols to the spreadsheet, and voila. if anyone wants a copy just let me know by Email and I’ll fire one out to you.

    So I tried the rule one investing thing and it hasn’t worked out 100%. The problem I have with the strategy is the whipsaw losses. Maybe this is overcome in time, and short term market conditions have to be accepted as part of a trading strategy? Who knows. I was thinking of Emailing some other guru’s but not sure how to put together words aimed at those people. Obviously people like Phil Town and others are getting loads of Emails and it’s hard to make mine stand out.

    I see you have RIMM on the sheet. I’ve got some of that, but picked it up at like … 68.79 when it was “1/2 off”, didn’t close the position because of the whipsaw conditions of the market, then they took a big hit and now I’m just swearing about it. Maybe pick up some new shares at this lower/cheaper price, or bail — the new iphone4 looks pretty kick ass, and RIM hasn’t even released their new OS that they previewed back in April.

  2. @ Ill Liquidity – Phil admits that Rule # 1 produces lower returns in the current market …. but, if we knew what an ‘up market’ looked like we’d all be rich πŸ˜‰

    To be fair, he says that his trading strategies also help to limit losses and I certainly found this to be true.

    You make want to check out his buy/hold strategies in his follow up book: Payback Time, in many ways a ‘prequel’ to Rule # 1 (in which case, why didn’t he release it first?!)

  3. @ Ill Liquidity – … oh, forgot to mention: both your s/sheet and mine are made obsolete by my friend Alex’s FREE website: stock2own.com πŸ™‚

  4. stock2own and investools give different results from what you get with a google filter then sorting the short list. still say rule1 is death by a thousand cuts in bad market conditions.

  5. @ Ill Liquidity – Still say “check out his buy/hold strategies in his f/u book: Payback Time, in many ways a β€˜prequel’ to Rule # 1” πŸ™‚

  6. @ Jason – Normally, this type of product ‘plug’ would go straight to ‘Spam’ πŸ˜‰

    BUT, any tool that does these calc’s quickly and easily deserves a mention.

    Bookmark this page, because I’m buying a copy of this report and will update this post (or write a review), if I think it’s any good.

  7. @ Jason – I always find that honesty is the best policy.

    This is YOUR product, so you don’t need to buy it yourself.

    You got my $130, so let’s consider the review complete πŸ˜‰

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