Who wants to be a billionaire?

Do you want $1 Billion? If so, I can’t help you much, but maybe this video can help …

For the rest of us, what will YOU spend your money on when your reach YOUR Number (list in the comments)? Even if it is only a paltry $7 Million in 7 years 🙂

To get you started, here’s my list:

House ($6 million; later ‘downsize’ to apartment worth ‘only’ $2 million)

Cars ($500k + $50k p.a. towards buying newer ones every few years)

Travel x 2 to 4 trips per year ($50k p.a.)

Startups ($500k) – Maybe these will pay off, maybe not 😉

Speaking Tours (incl. in travel + $25k marketing budget) – as above!

Charitable Donations (at least $25k p.a.) + time: my wife’s 🙂

… then, there’s all the ‘living’ type stuff: house/parties/clothes/restaurants/sports/etc./etc. ($200k p.a.)

How about you?

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2 thoughts on “Who wants to be a billionaire?

  1. Travel will most likely be my number 1 expense(2 to 4 trips per year), however, there will be 2 homes. 1 in The Philippines,and 1 here . Because the girlfriend/future wife doesn’t like big homes, these homes will be rather inexpensive compared with some people’s expectations. Modest and smaller.Then there will be the cars(again inexpensive cars) as I never went for something expensive because it only has to get me from point A to point B.

    Gifts and helping others I would say would be my number 2 biggest expense.

    The usual expenses like cloths and food of course.Very little eating out,as I prefer to cook my own food.

    I think medical expenses will take on a significant role as we age.But ,with exercise and eating right,hopefully not that much.

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