I’ve received an award!

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I’m not sure who Awarding the Web are, but they have kindly just listed $7million7years as one of their ‘Top 40″ Business Blogs in the “Saving Money” category.

This is kind of ironic as I am keeping company with the likes of Frugal For Life, Bargain Briana, Bitter Wallet, and FruGal [AJC: I love puns … unfortunately for those around me, the more groan-inducing, the better] …

… but, this blog is about as un-saving money as you can get (!):


Yet, we do spend a lot of time in Making Money 101 on saving tips:

The reason: habit.

While I stick to my guns and say that you can’t save your way to any reasonably large Number by any reasonably soon Date [AJC: Pick any Number north of $1 million, and any Date south of 15 years and see what you come up with, inflation adjusted], the reason why you should still save/save/save is twofold:

1. You create the seed capital that you might need for your first real-estate purchase and/or business venture … it’s these that will create your Number/Date, and

2. You create the habits that will stop you from spending your wealth once you get it.

Saving money is kind’a like the bookends to your financial life …

… but, true wealth building is in the bits you do in between that really have nothing at all to do with saving.

Well, not directly ๐Ÿ˜‰

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6 thoughts on “I’ve received an award!

  1. @ Scott – Thanks; do you think the ‘awards’ are legit? after all, they are sponsored by an ‘online MBA’ site … don’t know what to make of that!

  2. they do it so you give them a free link to their website for SEO purposes. sorry to burst your bubble ๐Ÿ™

  3. .. and, I’ve given links to 4 of my blogger pals: the scam goes on ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. It’s not a scam, expect for the fact that they told you about an award you won and you have to put a link to their “online mba” site. (Unless you own that site too.)

  5. It may not be a scam, but it is considered a type of click fraud by Google. MBA Online is the “sponsor” of the award program, but when you click on the badge, you go to MBA Online’s site. I was told to remove the badge or I could get sanctioned by Google, which loves to hand out punishments and none of us need that. You can remove the part of the code that directs clickers to MBA Online. It’s easy.

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