Are we all broke sheep?

[pro-player width=’530′ height=’253′ type=’video’ image=’*Rd06n1g0GC8wifx-HvjXsxwOlpn2Skpsbb8pRzsH82CNjTMI47lPVU2MHMBsp*V8xitlm6Ts5H*DgTL/BrokeTheMovie.jpg’][/pro-player]

This should be an interesting movie [thanks to KC for the link!] … interesting because I’d love to know how they plan to fill up theaters with a documentary on the economy.

Expect it to be filled with wonderfully breathy comments like “Warren Buffett has more in common with a great poker player …” Oooooh! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Are we all broke sheep?

  1. Well, it makes a change from Harry Potter….

    One thing I have never understood is the repreated advice from everyone (except momentum investors who go with the crowd) to think/invest differently from the crowd. By definition the crowd constiutes a majority of investors and it must follow that most people cannot invest differntly from the crowd which renders the advice rather useless for most people?

  2. LOL – a true philosopher in our midst … I love it! Thanks for making my day, Trainee 🙂

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