Announcing the 5 x $100 Apple Gift Card winners!

Speaking of contests: I have launched (in ‘stealth mode’) a new site that marries contests and social marketing. I am now looking for a team to help with the build/launch. If you love contests and if you have experience with social/viral marketing or development, then contact me immediately at ajc [at] 7million7years [dot] com. This is your opportunity to hit the big-time with a small salary (full or part-time) + a chunk of equity + your name in lights!


Thanks to everybody who entered the contest inspired by Trent Hamm, from a Simple Dollar, who is giving away a book called Everything You Ever Really Needed to Know About Personal Finance On Just One Page.

If you want to find out more about the contest, click here:

It’s too hard to pick a “best” entry, but, I did like Mike Hunt’s stool analogy (“needs all three legs to stand up”):

Our other winners (in no particular order) are:

– Roger, the Amateur Financier certainly deserves a card for his entry:

– Jaime @ Eventual Millionaire just got $100 closer with her gift card:

– Daniel is Sweating the Big stuff, but (thankfully) still had time for this:

… and, I’m saving the final prize for a cartoon character. Seriously!

You can see Eugene Krabs’ entry as the first comment to this Free Money Finance blog post:

He described a formula for wealth (it’s not THE formula for wealth; this is: the key to untold wealth):

I’ve boiled what I’ve read myself down to the following equation:

Wealth = Capital + Risk + Time

(To be clear, capital is the money you have right now to make more money with.)

Technically, any one of those factors can do it for you. For example, if you have a massive amount of capital, or if you take massive amounts of risk and beat the odds, or if you have a lot of time to build your wealth, then you can still become wealthy at the expense of the other two factors.

However, there are downsides to all of these individual factors.

The best thing to do is to push on all three of these fronts at the same time, I believe you will then maximize your chances of becoming wealthy.

That’s it. As we have all have probably known for quite some time that there is no real secret to being wealthy. It’s just not easy. Bottom line, we need start now, stay fanatically focused, and be mindful of the risks involved.

The winners need to contact me via e-mail [ajc AT 7million7years DOT com] for details on how to claim their prizes; if any prize isn’t claimed I’ll donate the $100 to charity and post back here.

Thanks to everybody who entered, commented, and/or spread the word!


Come and visit us at this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance:

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6 thoughts on “Announcing the 5 x $100 Apple Gift Card winners!

  1. Nice post. Like this part(The best thing to do is to push on all three of these fronts at the same time, I believe you will then maximize your chances of becoming wealthy.)
    Actually I just started a business using extra income from long hours at work(somewhat risky business). But Put in a few nets to help hold down some of that risk. Next year, hope to Start a second business,to help fund the first business. This should help drive income up substantially,allowing for investments in perhaps some Real Estate.If all goes as planned, I feel confident I can hit my number(date 50% chance).A bit late but still,will be happy to reach the number ,thanks to your Help Adrian.Will be looking at other ways to reach that goal by my date.

  2. @ Steve – Good Luck! And, keep us posted … everybody likes to here a good, small-business success story 🙂

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