What does Apollo 13 have to do with your business?

I was trawling around the internet for a suitable ‘square peg / round hole’ graphic for my web-site … yes I admit that I occasionally nick a pic! … and, I came across this youtube clip from the movie Apollo 13.

This clip shows an amazing engineering feat required (just using bits that the astronauts will be able to find – and spare – on the spacecraft).

I can’t find the follow-up clip, but it shows the ground-based engineering team then telling the astronauts how to make the same device … only, they can’t show the astronauts, they can only tell them … by radio … with time lag … under do-or-die time-based stress!

If you run a business, this demonstrates the power of initiative and teamwork.

But, and this (to me) is even more important: it also shows the absolute power of a good system; by ‘system’, it can be something computerized or something documented – in either case, it ensures that the same experience is repeated over and over again.

It’s one of the secrets of building a GREAT business, and a salable one at that!

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