The chain letter has a new incarnation …

Some people are very smart; if you have a web-site or blog, do EXACTLY what I’m doing here and you’ll get traffic … a LOT of it! Here’s the link to visit and follow the steps, if you’re curious:

We are ranked #1 on!

Here are just some of the problems:

1. The traffic you get is NOT qualified in any way, so you may make a few $$$ in google ad impressions (I don’t advertise, so there’s no benefit to me), so it’s unlikely that ANYBODY will actually buy what you have  to sell (or, stay on as a reader if you have a blog), unless you have a GREAT landing page.

2. All chain letters suffer from the same problem: eventually, you run out of people. On the other hand, this is the internet, so there’s LOT’S of people and going around a few times wouldn’t hurt.

3. Here is the most pressing problem: this kind of marketing doesn’t add ANY value to the recipient. All of your marketing must add value: the person being exposed to your message must get out of it more than they need to put in.

Still, I give this high marks in the Innovative Useless Internet idea Awards for 2010, and I am curious to see if I get any clicks/conversions … it could just be the Million Dollar Home Page for the modern era (in internet terms, this means anything more recent than the last two months).

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2 thoughts on “The chain letter has a new incarnation …

  1. Just 1 man’s opinion, but I don’t think this site has a snowballs chance in H_ _ L.

    Just an opinion.But it was nice to see you made first place 😉

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