He’s not THAT JD Roth

The ‘well known’ JD Roth was a game show host (and, now producer of the hit “The Biggest Loser”), but our JD Roth is a different guy, and the name behind the über-successful personal finance blog: Get Rich Slowly.

It’s a great Making Money 101 blog, and better than mine for that stage of your own personal financial journey …

Because of the name confusion, ‘our’ JD sometimes gets invited to audition for movie parts (you can read his latest such exploit here … it’s really quite funny):

Here’s the thing: I’m not that J.D. Roth. If I were that J.D. Roth, I’d be rich! I wouldn’t have to write about building wealth.

But, that’s what gets me … the TV-famous JD actually IS qualified to write about wealth because he presumably is … well … ‘wealthy’.

Whilst blogging-JD Roth DID pay off copious quantities of debt, and did make himself financially-free of a boss (maybe, not yet free of his blog, which probably generates a decent chunk of his income), I’m not really sure that qualifies JD to actually “write about building wealth”. Reducing debt … yes. Building income … yes. Building wealth … hmmmm.

On the other hand, Ramit Sethi is either already rich, or well on the path with his entrepreneurial side-ventures (eg PBwiki.com), so he just may be able to say – hand on heart – “I will teach you to be rich” …

… I know I can. And, will! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “He’s not THAT JD Roth

  1. I’m not sure that being wealthy qualifies one to write about wealth. If so you can take the round 1 picks at the NBA draft and have them write about wealth.

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