What it takes to be a Billionaire ….

I feel so privileged to be in the blogging company of a billionaire …

Guerrilla Billionaire [AJC: who, presumably is so humble that he doesn’t even pay $12 at GoDaddy for a real domain name, prefering to use: the free one provided by Typepad … so humble, it brings tears to my eyes] offers a course on How to Become A Billionaire.

Thankfully, he also provided a link to an article written by a guy who interviewed a REAL Chinese billionaire 5 or 6 times:

It seems that this Chinese Billionaire’s ‘secrets’ are along the lines of being humble (he started as a peasant boy), being nice to everybody (you never know when the next peasant will become your competitor, financier, or business partner), being scrupulously honest (apparently, there’s a way to be unscrupulously honest that, so far, I am blissfully unaware of), and to leave plenty of meat on the bone for others.

Of these, perhaps the last is the only ‘real’ secret that I can see in all of this (5 interviews and no secret business or money management techniques?!) … or, at least the only one (other than being honest) that I can relate to:

In my latest property development deal, I am sharing 25% of the project profit (plus a $200k fee) to my partner who is essentially doing nothing other than project management … he’s not putting a penny into these deals (I’m paying him $200k + 25% on each): I’m funding 100%.

I could hire an experienced building project manager for less than the $200k fee alone, yet I am potentially giving away millions to this guy.


Well, part’s the ‘honesty/ethics’ bit: he did find me one of the pieces of land that I aquired and pointed me towards the real multi-story condo development potential of the other (I had a much less lucrative project in mind); not to mention, he helped me with the rehab of my house.

But, that’s not quite the full story: while I don’t normally like partners – in fact, have never had one before – this is a whole new thing for me … I know nothing – nada – about property development, having always been a buy-and-hold guy. Again, I could have bought in the expertise, but that may not be the same as having somebody that I can (hopefully) trust who now has skin in the game.

We shall see if this strategy works; and – given how much I have already learned (property development is EASY) – whether I will go it alone on any future projects.

But, there’s a LOT to be said for not looking at how many beans are on the other guy’s plate: if you’re hungry, and you’re also eating beans, who cares?

Oh, as to the billionaire course, I won’t be taking it – even though I probably need an instructor for Making Money 401.

Fortunately for you, you already have a bona fide multimillionaire to guide you through MM101, 201 and 301 …

… even if I’m not very humble – at least as far as this blog, using my semi-anonymous AJC identity, goes,  😉

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9 thoughts on “What it takes to be a Billionaire ….

  1. Hello, for the record Typepad accounts are the ones that cost money. They are not free. You sure jump to a lot of conclusions.

  2. i dont’ get it. you make a tidy sum and retire from the rat race, paying yourself a salary… why go forth and try new money making ventures?

  3. Ill Liquidity says:
    i dont’ get it. you make a tidy sum and retire from the rat race, paying yourself a salary… why go forth and try new money making ventures?

    Its the idea of keeping that money you’ve made working for you all the rest of your life.A deal here or there,keeps that cash coming in, and you don’t have to work all the time. Just when ever you feel like it.Its sort of semi retired.He is still able to do what he wishes,when he wishes to do it.

  4. Adrian,

    That sounds like you are pretty generous with your partner, I should be working for you! Seriously though, the MM201 vs MM301 sounds like it will be an interesting post. I’m curious why you didn’t try a business that would involve a lot of travel.


  5. AJC,

    There is a company looking to acquire ours- the head guy is a billionaire but frugal along the lines of Sam Walton. He gladly takes a 25 hour trip from SE Asia to the US in economy class, so you can imagine of what he expects from his team?


  6. Adrian,

    May well do. Waiting for the payout that comes with the deal first… will update you when it happens!


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