5 thoughts on “If you ever needed inspiration to START NOW …

  1. Awesome. Really struck home because I went to a funeral this week of a 27 year old – brain cancer. In January he had no inkling he had cancer.

  2. @ DIY – Reminds me that I should mention that I no longer buy gifts for my family and hold them in a drawer for a later date (e.g. birthdays, Mother’s Day, etc.) … if I buy a gift early, I hand it over straight away because you never know what the next day might bring – or, take away. Sounds a little morbid, but I prefer to think of it simply as: DOING Life now!

  3. she is right ya know. Many will suffer tragedy in their lives ,pick them selves up, dust off and continue on with life. While many will suffer no real problems and won’t live the life of their dreams.
    So how about you? what motivates you?

    For me, its an auto/bicycle accident a few years ago. Most docs were stunned that I could even walk after. My doc said he didn’t ever expect me to return to work. But , I am back to work and refuse to let that derail my efforts to reach my goals .

  4. This is the paradox of every life.

    Every moment we live is the essence of life however a good part of our life is routines, patterns and boredom. It’s good to get inspired but to stay inspired every moment & every day will not happen- life just sucks you back in.

    Actually catharsis and revelation just takes a second and that in itself would be grounds for a realized and complete life.

    The other key element to life is living with healthy relationships with other people and non-human lives around you.

    In the end no one gets out alive.


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