Three feet from gold …

This video summarizes a book hailed as the successor to Napoleon Hill’s classic: Think and Grow Rich. I’m not sure that you can just think your way to $7 million in 7 years … but, having a burning reason why you might need that much / that soon sure seemed to help me.

But, I can’t help feeling: did I think, therefore attract … or did I happen to think and happen to attract? I guess we’ll never know for sure, as we are all an Experiment of One 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Three feet from gold …

  1. Kind of an unusual story here. I think what I best picked up form this is that sometimes, when experiencing a problem in business, or life for that matter, is that we are sometimes to close to the problem to see the answer. Sometimes, its better to take a step back, ask someone who is looking in . They just may provide some useful answers. Like the guy who bought the mine.

  2. “Rich Dad Poor Dad Series of rubbish”

    Couldn’t agree more. Kiyosaki is such a balloon of hot air and bad advice. One of the very few celebrities that really makes me angry. Him and Nancy Grace.

  3. @ Jake – I’m much more tolerant of RK, it seems, than many others. I guess this is because RDPD was the first (or second … coming just after or before The Richest Man In Babylon) personal finance book that I read; it opened my eyes to some important ideas:

    – Money can be managed,
    – The ‘real’ difference b/w an asset and a liability
    – [hence,] why your home is not an asset
    – the difference between investors, business people, the selp-employed, and employees (his Cashflow Quadrant).

    … it’s hard to believe that I needed help to understand these basic concepts, but I may not be sitting where I am today if I hadn’t read that book. Who knows …?

  4. If think and grow rich was so good then why bother to re-write it? What’s that saying the french use? Oh yes, “it drills my ass” (pointless, there’s already a hole).

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