What is a good BUSINESS idea?


I like this guy’s tips … his delivery is a bit dry and antiquated (overhead transparencies?! What’up w’dat, man?) … but, what do you expect from an attorney?

Pay attention to his Tip # 3: he makes an excellent point about the differences between a Good Idea and a Good Business Idea … listen up!

I don’t agree that you need to throw equity all over the place to get the skills that you need for # 4 … sometimes you can buy in the necessary skills … and, sometimes you can’t. Just be selective as to whom you invite to your party 🙂

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One thought on “What is a good BUSINESS idea?

  1. I like his tips. But just like you, I don’t believe you need to throw your equity everywhere to get the help or talent you need.That will just create a lag in Business decisions, and reduce effectiveness.

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