Left Brain v Right Brain


Are you left-handed?

I find myself noticing actors in movies and on TV who are left-handed …. it seems (but, maybe my reticular activating system is blinding me to the statistics) that more leading actors are left-handed than the typical 10% or so that is the society ‘norm’.

Artists, too …

So, is there truth that the right-brain controls the left hand? And that the right-brain is responsible for our emotional / creative side? In which case, left-handed people are more creative?

I’m not sure.

But, I DO know this to be true:

Most decisions are made emotionally then justified rationally

I heard this once many, many years ago … and, even though it is widely quoted, I have not managed to find the source … but, I have found it to be true in business, investing, and in life.

It helps to explain impulse purchases despite reading the classic ‘frugality’ blogs like Get Rich Slowly.

It helps to explain the behavior of the stock market, supporting the findings of the Dalbar Study.

It helps to explain my wife 🙂

It helps to explain why the real answer to the Deal or No Deal conundrum is “Not Sure” …

… the reality is, you will NOT know what you will do in the same situation until you are faced with the same ‘on the spot decision’ yourself.


Unless You Have A System to Guide You

Anytime you have a ‘rational’ decision to make – and, you can at least anticipate that you will one day need to make such a decision – then you MUST prepare ahead of time with a system that  you strongly believe that you must follow in order to achieve [insert very strong emotional outcome of choice].

The System, of course, will be a rational system: it will be well grounded in research, logic, and proven results.

And, it must be one that – in advance of the real decision that you will face – you strongly believe and/or have faith in.

Religions offer such a system for Life … if you subscribe to one, you do it because of Belief and Faith and then you follow it ‘religiously’ – according to your level of belief – or suffer the consequences …

… consequences that may range from guilt and/or discomfort on the mild end of the ‘consequences spectrum’ to great fear of [insert religious punishment of choice] on the extreme end of that same spectrum..

And, this blog is slowly unfolding such a system for Personal Finance. If you do not follow it, you may (on the mild end) feel guilt and buyer remorse, and (on the extreme end) fear that your money may run out before your do. Somewhere in the middle should be the very real fear that you won’t achieve your Number in time (i.e. by your Date)

The key is that when the decision pops up, the emotions around failing to follow the system must outweigh the emotions (temptations?) leading you towards the irrational decision …

…. ultimately the execution of the decision will always be made ‘in the moment’ and emotionally, and then you will justify your success – or failure – rationally later on so that you can live with your choice.

That’s why you need to commit the 7million7years version of this ‘truism’ to memory:

Most decisions are made emotionally then justified rationally unless you have a system to guide you!

Now, go find a system for personal finance that you feel that you MUST follow – and, a strong reason for doing so (e.g. so you can get on with living your Life’s Purpose … seems a pretty strong reason to me; how about you?) – and then follow it, or suffer the consequences … harruummph! 😉

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3 thoughts on “Left Brain v Right Brain

  1. ever since I have been interested in stocks I have found that you do need a system you must follow religiously. it’s just like AJC says that you will rationally justify it later. What I have out is that you usually justify it when things go wrong.

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  3. I seem to do that a lot,Making decisions based on a system or plan I have.Be that a wild plan or rational plan. I normally won’t spend unless there is a reason behind it.Does this make me right brained? or left brained? I am left handed by the way lol 🙂

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