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I have been working on a project … call it a labor of love (when you find out what it is, you’ll decide that if this is my idea of ‘love’, I need psychiatric treatment) … and, I want you to participate!

Let me take you back to where this project had it’s genesis:

In 1998, I was struggling financially and directionally … I had my two break-even businesses, a lovely wife and two babies, but no money and no major prospects: it would take a miracle to get the businesses above break-even.

Then I came across the concept of the Number.

A simple idea: your Number is the amount of money that you need to have set aside (by whatever Date you happen to decide upon) so that you can be financially free to [insert goal of choice: retire; play golf professionally; write a book; volunteer abroad; move into the old-people’s home or Florida, which pretty much amounts to the same thing; etc.].

At the same time, I found my Life’s Purpose: to be constantly traveling mentally, physically, and spiritually …

… which means nothing to you, but meant everything to me (which is all that counts, right?).

Understanding my ‘life after work’ dream (in my case, it meant discovering my Life’s Purpose) told me that I needed $5 Million within 5 years. A major wake-up call considering that, at the time, I was $30,000 in debt!

If you’ve read my $7 Million Dollar Journey you will know that, because I found my Number, I made it.

I decided that I had to give back, by helping others to understand, find, and achieve their Numbers, as well …

… so, to help you figure out your own Number (and, Life’s Purpose … if you so desire) I have created a new web-site.

I have also created a unique home for you on the Internet, a place where you can Share Your Number with like-minded people … hopefully, you will connect with others who can help you on your way, and you may even be instrumental in helping them!

Take a look at these sites, then join up and Share Your Number … it’s easy, fun, and could be very, very rewarding for those who actively participate.

As readers of this blog, and ‘charter members’, your membership will always be free. And, tell your friends, they can be charter members, too 🙂

The only ‘catch’ is that I have not officially launched this site, yet, so you will be the ‘beta testers’ … try it out and let me know what you think using the form, below (just type then ‘submit’):

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