Here's a guy who takes his own advice …

Not exactly a high-tech video for a guy who claims to be the “millionaire-maker in this country” [the country he is talking about is Australia]. but I actually remember buying some of his stuff many, many years ago and some of it seemed quite good …

… but, I suggest you just watch the first minute and a half of this video, because what he says is absolutely true.

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5 thoughts on “Here's a guy who takes his own advice …

  1. I completely agree that marketing and being a good marketer is one of the most important wealth building tools you can have. A definite and powerful Money Making 201 skill, but one I personally don’t enjoy, lol.

    It’s not that it’s so bad, it’s just the part of my practice that goes into the “work” category, along with paperwork and dealing with insurance reimbursement, when I would rather be focusing on my ‘life’s purpose’ part of my practice, which is helping patients.

    However, it’s only when I step it up and be more of a marketer and insurance master that my income goes up.

    It’s funny, in school I thought the opposite would be true, that I would be more financially successful if I focused on being a better, more caring and more compassionate doctor.

  2. I met Mal in Australia last year, and not only has he made a ton of money and taught other people to make a ton of money – but he is an exceptional live speaker.

    “No money in the technical part of your business…” sounds a lot like what Michael Gerber says. I think if all of these successful people are telling me the money is not in the technical stuff I do, and it’s in the marketing, I should probably pay attention because there must be some truth to it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I have noticed this in others whose books I have been reading and re-reading – Well-fed WRiter, 4-hour work week, for examples – in differing fields. Next is to figure out if I can do this already, if I can or should learn this, or if I should out-source this. One of the funniest things written in the 4-hour work week was when the author (Tim Ferriss) sold a product before he actually developed it (a seminar on speed reading for college students).

    @Debbie – glad to hear about your experience with meeting the “millionaire-maker.” Have you read any of his books?

  4. @ Diane – I go one step better: I was teaching courses on my (at that time) new business idea – as a paid consultant for a college-affiliated course, no less – before I have ever handled a single transaction myself … I also received a full-page write up in a prestigious business magazine. This has helped to make me a bit less over-eager to fall all over myself when the latest ‘expert’ hops into town to spruik his message …

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