0 thoughts on “Don't Be Stupid!

  1. yea that was funny. But what exactly was the good advice part? Was it “start a small casino if you don’t have the money to start a big one”?

  2. @ Josh – B-T-M-T-B-B 🙂 Just replace “Rich Father” with “Rich Mentor” for the “hang around … you might learn something” part and “Private money investor” to replace the “rich dad” that you also need to borrow $10 Mill (to buy the Big Building).

  3. Yes, that is exactly what I need, a “rich mentor” or “rich dad” to oppose my “poor dad”, lol.

  4. great video. and i really like your instructions thus far. this seems to be a great place to be, if your serious about staying ahead and living within your means.

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