I'm about to find out if you can make money online – Part V

I spent most of yesterday’s post talking about starting businesses (for College-age kids, but it’s a great way to go for anybody looking to start something low-cost and part-time) … so, it’s time to update my occasional series on starting an on-line business!

But, we’ve tried the scams and ignored the schemes and so far haven’t yet found an “off the shelf” way to make money online.

So, now it’s time to try Plan B: create my own Information Product.

My plan is to take some of the information that I have already published on this blog and my other one and turn it into an e-book. The purpose isn’t to make money for me … it’s to show you how you can make money online.

So, I will ‘open up the books’ here [AJC: if I can find an easy web-based tool for accounting that let’s me publish reports, I will literally ‘open up the books’ so that you can see how it works out, financially … let me know if you know of one?] …

Why Information Publishing?

Well, it lets me do something that I won’t do on my blogs: turn stuff that I know into stuff that I can sell … and, it allows me to sell all sorts of affiliate stuff (so, all the referrals that I make to various books and other useful products on this site, without any financial benefit to myself, can be sold WITH affiliate commissions on the new site).

Again, for your benefit. How?

Because you can think of some area where you are (or can quickly become) an ‘expert’ and follow in my foot-steps … assuming that my site produces a useful income. That’s the purpose of this test!

So, as I write this post I am literally sitting down having this morning hit on the concept for a commercial version of my blogs, and am looking for the ‘right’ way to implement it.

For this, I have decided first to try out Derek Gehl’s new product, BeBiz – supposedly a way to create an sales-oriented internet site pretty quickly … since I don’t yet have the product (I am thinking an eBook to start with) or the means to create my own web-site from scratch, I am hoping that this product will lead me ‘by the hand’ as this product demo [AJC: which I have just paused to write this comment, and which I am about to continue watchingbefore typing and more] promises.

We shall see …

[AJC: Rather than fill this blog with more posts on this subject, I just created a brand new blog – yes, AJC is officially an idiot … instead of sitting back in his hammock, drinking pina coladas like he’s supposed to be doing now that he’s fully and healthily/wealthily retired at 49 years old, he wants to create yet another blog to fill in his time! I hope to use this blog to chronicle how to start an easy – well, I hope it will be easy – web-site that actually makes enough money to make it worth while for somebody like you … and, I plan to do that one in ‘real time’ i.e. write posts as I do stuff on that blog]

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2 thoughts on “I'm about to find out if you can make money online – Part V

  1. Great idea, though I have to say that I thought of it before you did! 🙂

    Yes, I’m doing the same thing. Check my site to see what I’m doing. I’ve opted to go the “free” route for my first eBook and what I’m doing is posting a chapter — in rough form — every so often while I write the book.

    I have subscribed to your new site because I want to follow along. I’ve got a lot of different ideas for money-making publications and recently did buy a “two-fer” SBI subscription (two for $399 per year — ouch — but they offer great promise — if you want to go through me, I’d love the affiliate commission!)

    In all seriousness, I’m really pulling for you and want to learn with you. Thanks for sharing.

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