Hi Dad, I'm going to win $1 Million!

For this week’s video, I thought that I would choose one that has no apparent financial lesson behind it …

… but, I might be wrong! Also, watch for the ‘phone a friend’; it’s a doozy (doozie?):


Here’s the ‘lesson’:

There’s a fine line between arrogance and confidence … arrogance is a sure way to lose everything because it’s an anti-people skill, and people skills are critical to your success.

But, the confidence to put it ‘all in’ when you are certain – in your gut – that what you are doing is right, is the stuff that millionaires are made of.

Just be sure to have a buffer and a margin of safety, when you do go ‘all in’ … because there’s an equally fine line between bravery and stupidity 😉


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