The Scared Millionaire

Greed Is Good

They say there are two primal forces driving mankind forward …

…. FEAR and GREED.

The typical image that we carry of the ‘rich guy’ is the uber-slick Michael Douglas / Gordon Gekko character from the movie Wall Street who’s catch phrase was “Greed is good”.

But, the Millionaire Next Door was perhaps the first book to dispel that particular myth.  Still, we are either driven, it seems to a greater or lesser extent, by fear or greed.

Is it possible to become rich if you aren’t driven by GREED? Isn’t it also true that most millionaires are OPTIMISTS?

Well, I can only speak for myself, but what moved me forward every day was actually FEAR. You see, I am a pessimist!

EVERY time I buy something, I am thinking of how much I could lose … not how much I could gain. Yet, I go ahead and buy, anyway!

Why do I buy, if I carry so much FEAR? 

I do it because I have an EVEN BIGGER FEAR … a fear that if I don’t make these ‘big moves’, I won’t make MY NUMBER ….

… and, I have realized that making my number is the most critical thing that I can do. Unfortunately for me and my personality type, my Number was a BIG NUMBER … I simply had to move well out of my comfort zone to get there …

… and, get there I did.

So, it doesn’t matter what drives you … just make sure that SOMETHING bigger than amassing a seven-figure bank account for the sake of seeing a pretty bank statement one day IS driving you!

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