The Optimistic Millionaire

When people look at charts like these, I wonder what they see?

Sure, I see a drop in confidence … Blind Freddy can see the panic in the market right now.

But, I see something FAR more important:

Do you see how the Millionaire line (> $1,000,000 Investable Assets) is ALWAYS higher than the Affluent line (>$500,000 Investable Assets)?

One of characteristics of rich people is that they are Optimistic … the richer they are, in general, the more optimistic they are.

As the chart shows, they have their ups and downs … overall, though, they are always more optimistic than others and their highs are higher!

You see, Rich people are used to buying low and selling high … right now, optimism across the board has dipped …

BUT, I guarantee you this:

The Rich are now thinking about buying whilst the rest are still thinking about selling ... I’m out there looking for bargains right now!

What are you doing?

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