Beginner’s Luck?

I am guilty of a lot of things in writing this blog …

[AJC: I’ll let you name them in the comments below … go ahead, I can take it, and it might be fun!]

… but, one of the things that I am DEFINITELY guilty of is writing without the beginner in mind.

Since there are no ‘backlinks’ and Nate has gone to a lot of trouble to ask this question, I have to assume that it’s genuine:

Does inflation affect money invested into cds? If not then you could invest your million into a cd or many, wait a few years and you should get a pretty good turn out right? Say you did put your million into a bank and had decided to use the intrest made off of it, would that interest get taked like your income does? or would you be able to see all of it?

What I am guilty of, here, is not realizing that people still lack this most basic level of financial knowledge. And, I certainly don’t address this kind of stuff, here!

To be fair, I’ve always taken the view that if there is plenty of information available elsewhere, why post on it here? Just take a look at the incredible job that Andrew @ Money Crashers has done to put together this list of ‘top’ personal finance blogs: there are 387 in this list alone!

So, what do you think? You want ‘beginner’s info’ so go elsewhere? Or, I should cover this sort of stuff (inflation, good debt v bad debt, etc.) in this blog?

Oh, and as to Nate’s question; if you really don’t already know:

Inflation and taxes are like the police (when you have just accidentally run your first ever stop light in 20 years of driving) and death … unavoidable!

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4 thoughts on “Beginner’s Luck?

  1. Hi Adrian

    One of the reasons I read your blog is that you have a very different message from most financial bloggers. There are plenty of people who cover the basics (some better than others). If you are going to cover the basics (obviously up to you), making it additional content rather than a substitute for what you already write would be my suggestion.

    For laughs:


  2. Don’t bring down the content! There is NO need to add yet another blog to the web that is going to tell me how to save 43 cents on my coffee

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