How to change your life …

I don’t like calling this a motivational blog; that’s not my intention at all. Above all, I want this to be a practical blog: rules and techniques that you can employ straight away.

Sometimes, though, I come across something of a motivational nature that I think I must share … in this case, twice!

I’ve shown this video before … in the context of “if he can do it, so can anyone”.

But, this time, I want you to take a really close look at it from another angle …

I want you to see the actual moment, caught on camera, of a man changing his own life!

I also want you to catch the look on the judges faces – the subtle change in demeanor – that shows that they, too, realize that they are witnessing an amazing metamorphosis.

And, I think this is the way it really happens: I think that there are moments when you step out and your life changes …

I remember a couple of such ‘moments’ in my own life:

The first was when I stepped into my father’s business and, soon after, he went on vacation. The only other employee was jealous of the nepotism thing (i.e. me joining) and promptly decided to fake a back injury and step out for a couple of weeks, himself.

That left me to do the work of three people, which I managed to fit in … between the hours of 8am and 3am. Two weeks of 20 hour days, and the business didn’t skip a beat …

The second, was when my father became terminally ill and the bank suddenly pulled our funding: no funding, no business since we were a finance company.

Somehow, during the next two weeks I managed to: restart the business with No Money Down; find a new equity partner (who actually PAID me some goodwill to buy in while providing $600k starting capital); and, a bank to put up a couple of million, totally unsecured … and, our customers were none the wiser.

There were others, but these two were the defining moments in my business life: if I could survive these – and, I did – I realized that nothing could break me.

You will have these moments in your business and/or financial life – the larger the goal, the larger the challenges that you will face … I guarantee it!

Curling up in a fetal position and sucking your thumb is NOT an option 🙂

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6 thoughts on “How to change your life …

  1. Awesome video. For me it was taking a course in economics. Walking in on the first day of class I had no idea what economics was about. By the second class I knew I wanted to pursue a degree in economics.

  2. @ DIY – For me, it was meteorology … but, that was more about finding the easiest way to slide through university 😉

    @ Kevin – … and, both Paul and Susan parlayed their first ‘wow’ auditions into best selling records and a – so far – successful music career.

  3. Let me start out by saying, I personally am NoT An OPRA FAN,However, I do understand singing enough to recognize talent what I see it. I must say ,this guy moved even me. I thought they were great(the judges) to recognize this man’s talent.But , I must say, I don’t remember seeing you put this one out in the past. Don’t know how I would have missed it.

    But,thank you ,It was a pleasure watching this man get his due.

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  4. @ Steve – there should be room to put your URL in when you register to submit a comment … that’s where you can put your link to your language training site (if Akismet – the built-in WordPress spam-checker – recognizes any link as spam it will auto-delete the link and/or comment)

  5. Adrian,when i do put the site url in where it says website, it does not allow the comment to go through

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