7 thoughts on “If you wanna succeed, you gotta learn to walk on water …

  1. @ Steve – You wouldn’t be trying to promote your new video/s on my blog, now would you?! 😉

    PS Magen Dam Umanga to you, too!

  2. Opps Sorry Adrian. I been busy promoting it to so may place, I forgot this was one place wecan’t do that. won’t happen again. Promise

  3. Cool concept. Make sure you watch this before you take high school physics 🙂

    I especially like the part about getting water repellent shoes to do this!


  4. @ Mike – That was the viral marketing bit … the ad, of course, was for the shoes. I really liked the part where they said that you had to “run as fast as you can, in a slight curve onto the water” 😛

  5. Oh great, then everybody go learn a new language 🙂 its fun.I thin you’d like Lesson 2 🙂

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