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  1. would be pretty neat to work in one of those tall buildings and be able to subway to work though, no?

  2. “This used to be me.. it sucked”(why?) what sucked about it? what if anything do you miss about it?

  3. @ Steve – Getting my gratification from my boss (if he’s happy with me, then I’m happy with me); living off hand-outs: salary, pay-rises, etc. at somebody else’s whim; the politics of the work environment.

    Now, some of these relate to the industry that you are in. For example, I couldn’t lose the ‘politics’ when I had my own business, but the rewards of my own business certainly compensated in ways that most salaried jobs can’t (for example, helping to fund the investments that created $7million in 7 years for me).

    On the other hand, there are those – just like the guy in the video – who thrive in the corporate job environment: their ultimate financial reward will come from what they do WITH their money 🙂

  4. Adrian,

    Did you leave the corporate world with a though-out plan to achieve yr 7-millions-in-7-Years? Or you just felt like having enough of it and left with the guts to face the uncertain world?

  5. @ Bill – Neither! 🙂

    But great question, so here goes: I left because at the 6th year mark – of of a very happy/successful corporate career (well 4 out of the 6 years, at least, were happy/successful) – I was bitten by the Entrepreneurial Bug.

    It wasn’t until some 8 years later that I hit upon my $5m5y plan that resulted in $7m7y.

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