What would you do with $5 million … or $50 million?!

Even if you are NOT a poker fan, scroll forward to exactly the 5 minute mark (once the video has had a chance to buffer) to hear Kara Scott ask some poker young – and, old – guns what they would do with $5 million (or, $50 million) …

… you might be surprised how little it seems to mean.

But, if I asked you the same question, you would [AJC: I hope by now] instantly answer:

That’s easy, I would [insert: Your Life’s Purpose]!

But, if you want to understand why these guys are seemingly so relaxed/flippant about $5 million (or, even $50 million for a couple of them) you first need to realize that the question actually means: “what would you do with another $5 million?”

So, it shouldn’t surprise you that my answer would equally be:

Nothing special …

… it would simply make me a little more comfortable that I could live my Life’s Purpose, since I’ll just buy another $5 million of [insert Perpetual Money Machine of choice: 100% paid for by cash real-estate; annuities; TIPS; bonds; etc.; etc.] and live off 75% of the net proceeds.

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