You gotta know your customer …

If you’re in business, then you had better get to know your customer. I’m sure that you’ve heard that before, but what does it really mean?

The true meaning hit home for me not long after I received this unsolicited e-mail promoting a new rating service for bloggers:

For the first time, publicists will be able to research, connect and manage Social Media relations in a single integrated platform.  MyMediaInfo has scored thousands of blogs based on key metrics creating the MMI score.  A trial is available at or give us a call at (888) 901-3332 to speak to a product specialist.


Point 1 of getting to know your customer:

Bloggers are vain/curious … they want to know that their blog is being read, and how it rates against other blogs [AJC: c’mon … if you’re a blogger, you can’t tell me that you aren’t checking your site stats quite often!].

I’m no exception, so I click through to their web-site and am sent a confirmation message:

Thank you for registering for a free trial of MyMediaInfo. A product expert will call you within 1 business day to activate your account and provide a brief tutorial.


Point 2 of getting to know your customer:

Bloggers are shy; no way does a blogger want to hand over their personal contact details and phone number to anybody [AJC: except maybe the publisher of the New York Times].

Here’s what I said:

Uh, this is the internet and the world of bloggers … we stay semi-anonymous, so don’t expect a big take-up on providing phone numbers!
I recommend that you provide a trial link that speaks for itself and only requires an e-mail address to register … bloggers will only be interested in seeing how their own site ranks, anyway 🙂

You gotta know your customer 😉

If you’re also a blogger, would you have registered and given your phone number? Maybe you’re not as shy as me?

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4 thoughts on “You gotta know your customer …

  1. Damn it, I was pumped when reading the post until I had to provide my phone #. There is a reason I don’t put that or my last name on my site.

    Oh and I check my stats too many times a day

  2. who cares if you have 1 reader or one million? why do these metrics matter? I mean, specifically, in the case of this blog, and not one that needs volume to have meaning (or drive income).

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