You are already wealthy!

This guy actually talks a lot of sense … the subtext being that – in historical and/or Third World Country terms – we are already wealthy …

… so, don’t make your life about making money, make ‘making money’ about supporting your Life.

No more, no less 😉

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6 thoughts on “You are already wealthy!

  1. Adrain, this is so true. My son did a little research a couple years back. What he found is that ,when looking at other countries, his pay puts him in the top 10% of earners. Relative to American pay standards though, he is no more than in the average category.So,it all depends on where you look . The grass always looks greener on the other side,unless your looking into other (less developed Countries).

  2. Great Analogy, We take so much for granted because we feel the need to keep up with this capitalist society.

    Instead satifying ourselves

  3. Fantastic articulation of a very real point. In the US our standard of living is so much higher than most other countries, it’s astounding. I’ve been to India, China, Malaysia, Guatemala and other seriously third world countries and I found that living there no matter what your income level is much more modest than in the US. The level of wealth that exists in this country and is enjoyed by all via Highways, clean drinking water, building codes, traffic lights, a military that no one screws with, electricity etc is amazing and we are a very impressive country comparatively. The poorest crackhead on LA’s Skid Row probably owns a 4-6 person tent and has two different outfits to wear, plus they can earn $20 in one day if they panhandle effectively. Comparing that with street kids in Calcutta or Mexico DF the bum has a very high amount of wealth and also expanded opportunities for income. The US, while having it’s own problems, is still the land of opportunity and a golden land of living. Right now, we have it very good as Americans.

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