Stuck for a new business idea?

I’m not sure why anybody would be stuck for a business idea?! We get at least one million-dollar idea a day [AJC: you may not think so, but it’s anytime that you are dissatisfied … inside every problem is a million dollar solution just waiting to break out], but we either fail to recognize it or – more likely – act on it.

I have two solutions:

1. Carry a small pen and a notepad (yes, an iPhone or PDA is a great substitute) and …. use it!

Write down every idea that you get, then make sure that you act on each: do something to verify that your first idea has / hasn’t merit and … act further: do some research, talk to somebody in the industry, etc., etc. If you feel, at any stage, that it isn’t for you, put a line through it and REPEAT for Idea # 2 and so on.

2. Or, if you are The Vacant Parking Lot Of Business Ideas, don’t fret … just buy this book (Hint: buy the .pdf from his web-site at half the price that Amazon charges).

Disclaimer: I haven’t read the book, but that’s not the point … as far as I am concerned, it only needs to give you a list of ideas to explore – any additional valuable content is a bonus.

Still not sure that you want to spend the ten bucks on helping you reach your Number? Shame on you … but, here’s an excerpt, anyway:

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2 thoughts on “Stuck for a new business idea?

  1. Nice post. The Pizza in a cone idea has a certain appeal. however, there are issues to think about here. 😉 Everyone like pizza right? You could always do it as a mobile unit like the mobile hot-dog sales.Even setting up a concession stand at county fairs or something.

    In general, this idea of carrying a pen and paper to keep track of your ideas is a good one .

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