I am no longer a student …

I can’t offer advice for my younger readers as to what they should do with their lives (right now!) as I am no longer a student of anything (other than Life and Finance) 🙁 nor am I young 🙁 🙁

… but, I would recommend that you take this guy’s advice EVEN if it seems to come at the expense of your short-term personal finance goals.

So, let’s say that you do take 3 months off to volunteer abroad:

– It will probably cost you airfare and clothes, insurance, shots, etc .

– But, it may not cost you a lot in (spartan) food and (even more spartan) accommodation

And, you can probably Net Present Value the cost of these items PLUS the foregone income from your Summer Job.

But, I can simplify the cost as probably putting you one year behind in your financial life (of course, you can compound this out to a large number later) and the extra work that you will need to do next year to catch up with what you spent.

However, what about the Life Experience that you have earned? The Fresh Outlook that you have gained? The Favorable Karma that you have built up?


It’s not ALL about money, you know 😉

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