Fundamentals Will Out!

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I’m not being rude when I say this guy is one-eyed about stock … apparently, his Canadian ‘friends’ call him “The Pirate” 🙂

He gives a nice explanation that stocks follow interest rates, more so than the general economy (as measured by GDP growth) … but, in his next video he gives 5 rules, the only one of which really makes practical sense to me: FWO

Fundamentals Will Out

This means, that no matter what crazy gyrations the market may undertake in the short-term, over the long-term the fundamentals will ultimately decide which way stock prices go: buy on value!

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2 thoughts on “Fundamentals Will Out!

  1. Interesting. Have you checked out his claims here to see if they hold water?

    Sounds pretty reasonable .

  2. I remember days when my Dad could get 10 or more on IRA accounts at the local bank. Look at them now?

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