Some housekeeping ….

Share Your Number - Logo - 7m7yI ummed and aahed about it, but three sites is one too many to maintain. So,I finally DID decide to move the home of the Millionaires … In Training! ‘grand experiment’ to our Share Your Number community site – if you haven’t visited that site, yet (or, recently!) NOW would be a great time to bookmark this page and visit often!

Oh, and feel free to join the community at and you, too, can write your own featured posts and ask and answer member questions … what fun!

So, from now on, I hope to see you HERE and THERE πŸ™‚


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2 thoughts on “Some housekeeping ….

  1. I hope if your plan is to dismantle this site, you’ll be taking all the Archived things to the other site huh? since many will want to review or new comers will appreciate the info .

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