How to excite a millionaire …


It really doesn’t take much to excite me, as evidenced by this commercial that I just came across …

… given my obvious passion on the subject of Numbers (as opposed to mere ‘numbers’) you won’t be surprised to hear that I jumped straight onto ING’s web-site to see what their take on this whole ‘Number-thing’ was:

ING Your Number - 1

It’s a neat calculator that – in 4 or 5 simple ‘plug-in-the-numbers’ – gives you Your Number … or, does it?

You be the judge:

ING Your Number - 2

…. now, I might just be a touch pedantic, but isn’t the $7 million dollar question: “how much income do you need in retirement?”.

In other words, isn’t the whole point of such a tool to help you come up with this number, rather than asking you to pluck it out of ‘thin air’ [AJC: like I just did with the $250k figure that I randomly plugged in]?!

And, without it, isn’t this just some sort of glorified calculator? 🙂

BTW: According to ING, my Number is:

ING Your Number - 3

… guess I’m $2 Million short; can anyone lend me some 😛

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2 thoughts on “How to excite a millionaire …

  1. Its broken or there are a ton of young liars out there. Apparently 22 year old white males who rent and are married have $32K in retirement accounts and $70K in savings accounts…but goes on to say they only have $1,400 a month in disposable income after necessities….To have amassed that $102K, they’d have had to save $2K a month ($600 over) since turning 18…..hmmm, todays young people are CRAZY frugal……………

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