The Time/Money Paradox

The uber-blogger, John Chow uses a surprisingly interesting visit to the park with his daughter to make a REALLY IMPORTANT POINT about the “trading time for money (and, money for time) dilemma” that afflicts most people … and, how he is one of the lucky few who avoids it by blogging …

… BUT, there are VERY FEW ways that you can earn money that don’t involve time. So, for the rest of us, we can separate our lives into two portions:

1. Earning/Investing until we reach our Number

2. Having both the time and money to live our Life’s Purpose

The aim is to accelerate the transition to 2. from 1. … how will YOU do it?

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4 thoughts on “The Time/Money Paradox

  1. Lots of People talk so much about blogging. But for some, its like ok, I don’t have that much to say to people. Not that I don’t like people or anything like that. I just have never been a man of many words. So, coming up with something to say on a daily basis, just doesn’t seem realistic to me.
    Its like trying to write a novel.You need to have a lot to say to get from page 1 to page 300. I guess thats why I never entered the world of writing.

  2. I once retired at 32, I was laid off at my job and I had enough saved to not rush to another job. I decided that I did not want to work anymore.

    Guess what- I got bored out of my mind, I would go to the bookstore and read, hit the museum and libraries. It got old fast.

    I return back to work, the retirement lasted 3 months. I had to be around my peers, I had no one to socialize with when I was at home. Blogging cannot be done all day.

    All my friends, was at work, I got lonely.

    I advise most people to have a short sabbatical, but not sit in front of the computer. Balance. Having too mush free time can be a problem also

    just my advice

  3. @ Steve – You have plenty to say, you just don’t realize it; if you did want to try starting a blog, just register one on a free site (like write 10 or 15 posts over a week or so, and see how you go (keep them in ‘draft’ mode, then publish once you decide that you CAN keep going).

    @ Money Monk – I remember sitting at work thinking that all I need is a 3 month ‘sabbatical’ … now, I am busy ‘living my Life’s Purpose’ and couldn’t dream of going back to work … if anything, I am TOO busy ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Adrian,
    Thanks for the vote of confidence,but I work delivering Tents and Party Rental Equipment(I actually live for the interaction with the customers while in the field), and am in the field with others. While there,I may start the day with plenty to say, but being of few words, I can go most of the day without saying a word to anyone.
    I spend most of my time working and listening to Tagalog Language courses.The Language of My fiance ๐Ÿ™‚ .Even with Family members, I can go all day without a word.Not that I am not happy to be around family or friends, but again, a man of few words. ๐Ÿ™‚

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