Exciting Money Making Opportunity!

I’m taking a break from my normal postings today to announce a ‘secret’ project that I have been working on with my close friend, and horse racing phenom, Derren Brown.

A few months ago, he unveiled in the United Kingdom a foolproof horse-racing system that has been making him … and subscribers … millions of pounds. This is absolutely on the level as the above video shows [if clicking on the above embedded video doesn’t work, click this link instead] … the video has not been ‘tweaked’ and all horses WERE selected in advance using The System.

I am excited to be able to say that I have acquired SOLE RIGHTS to the package WORLDWIDE (outside of the USA) and am looking for a limited number of Partners to put up $2,500 capital each to test the system in various jurisdictions (including the USA) … preliminary tests have shown The System to be as FOOLPROOF here as it has been in the UK.


If you are interested in joining me in this LEGITIMATE OPPORTUNITY … please watch the above video, then register your interest in the comments section below (I can pick up your e-mail address from there). YOU MUST DO THIS WITHIN 48 HOURS.

This IS the only ‘get rich quick’ scheme that I know that is PROVEN to work, which is why I am not only endorsing it, but financially backing all of those smart enough and brave enough to put up a small part of their own cash ….


Here’s what the experts are saying about The System:

The Astonishing, Simple, Ingenious, AND PROVEN Fast-Cash Secret Of An Inspired Betting and Gaming Entrepreneur.

“Punters look for winners, not fancy colour adverts endorsed by famous racing personalities. The System© may come with modest presentation, but has proved to be an explosive winner-finding system that leaves its flashy competitors far behind. The System is definitely an investment and not an expense.”
Odds On Magazine

“After researching the past 8 years results, we found winning runs of 1 x 18; 4 x 11; 13 x 7; 27 x 8 and over 50 winning runs of 9. Prepare yourself to be truly astonished – The System is worth its weight in £20 notes, and really puts the punter in the financial comfort zone! In our test, The System© wins with its ears pricked and plenty in hand. Good VFM and no ongoing costs!”
Business Opportunity Magazine

“I have found The System© to be a truly remarkable winner-finding system. On receipt of your system I had 4 losers on the trot, and thought here we go again another system that fails to deliver! However, I persevered and had 7 winners on the bounce – NOT ONE LOSER – then another 4 winners – magic! Also, I believe I am one of the first to pilot your new Premium Version. Well, last month (January), I had 18 winning days, 5 overall losing days, and 2 days with no qualifiers – Brilliant! “I sometimes wondered whether it was possible to break-even when betting, never mind make a profit, and was on the merry go round for many years! My search is now over, and I have closed the door on receiving any more offers by taking my name off all gambling mailing lists. Many thanks.”
A. Burns, Hereford, UK

The System is currently the only Step-By-Step FOOL-PROOF Automated Betting System GUARANTEED TO SELECT THE WINNER EVERY TIME to be made available on the Internet, and that could increase your income by up to 1,000% month after month… without lifting a finger, regardless of whether you are a professional gambler or have never placed a bet in your life

You see, horse betting is more of a mathematical formula based on the right staking plan than anything else. and if as well as having the right staking plan and selection plan you can also have it all automated for you, then it becomes child’s play.

They fully understand that due to the many “bogus” betting systems out there many people would be skeptical when they hear about the great results being achieved with this program, that is why they offer every new member the option of an introductory one week Trial. For proof, watch this incredible video …


That’s it … expressions of interest close in 48 hours. I personally stand behind the effectiveness of The System!


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14 thoughts on “Exciting Money Making Opportunity!

  1. I’m surprised to see something like this on the site. If you’re actually serious about this… it’s quite disappointing. There’s absolutely no way to consistently predict the outcome of something like horse racing. As Brown says in part II of the video, it’s not impossible… just highly improbable. It’s not impossible to make fortunes in horse-racing… just highly improbable. Of course, the alternative to this highly-improbable outcome is the highly-likely outcome in which you lose your money.

    The show was just playing with odds and numbers — there is no such thing as a guaranteed betting system.

  2. I look forward to the follow up post where you outline the lessons to be learned from this post. You did a great job including all of the hallmarks of a sca.. ah, questionable investment: limited time offer, “GUARANTEED”, astronomically huge returns, no knowledge or effort, a new secrete system, and an inherently shaky premise :-).

    Sorry, I’m going to have to pass this up as too good to be true because there is “No such thing as a free lunch… “.

    My favorite line is
    >preliminary tests have shown The System to be as FOOLPROOF here
    >as it has been in the UK.

    I suspect that this statement is completely true too- since if the system doesn’t work anywhere it IS just as foolproof in the UK as in the US!

    Shouldn’t the investment be $2499.99? or perhaps 5 installments of just $499.99?

    -Rick Francis

  3. This stuff always cracks me up! If I ever develop a foolproof “system” like this, you can bet that the last thing I’m going to do is tell somebody about it!

  4. LoL, I missed this whole thing, my internet has been a little screwy the past day or so, but when I first checked this post out, I was like “Is this for real? lol” I still can’t even download the video to watch it.

    But I can see the other Scott doesn’t like it 😉

  5. Since this is guaranteed, I’ll make you a special offer – you give me the money up front and I’ll use it to test the system! (maybe)

  6. Interesting videos, thanks for sharing.
    I would be interested to know more about your “system” making use of the SYSTEM.


  7. @ Akrial – Good on you for taking a chance; this blog is called How to make $7million in 7 years … it ain’t gonna happen by sitting on your you-know-what! 😉

  8. This sure does sound too good to be true, but I feel if I choose not to act upon it, I will lose out on one of the few genuine and easy profit-making opportunities I’ll find on the Internet or anywhere else for that matter. And that’s going to be difficult for me to live with!

    You know, I have always wondered how the truly successful horse racing bettors got started. I’m talking about those who have an enviable standard of living and yet don’t seem to have a job. You know the type…

    But it sounds like you have the answers to my questions. And if you told me I could average about $60,000 PROFIT a year, how could I say no?

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  12. Don’t believe this system can consistently predict the outcomes of races,simply because too many there factors cannot be for-seen. Such as a sick or lazy horse(horses are allowed lazy days 😉
    Perhaps the trainer didn’t work hard enough with this horse, or perhaps the horse over ate this morning . Weather can also be a factor, track condition. Too many obstacles to be a consistent predictor
    I on the other hand Have taken great time and effort to research a business ,which I feel offers great potential, and would like to locate someone who wants to add to their number . Start-up is Small and investment returns can be double in as little as 3 to 4 years.Lots better potential than some scheme to win on the horses. Backed by Business and Inventory. Its an Internet Based business.

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